49ers Discuss Traveling, Playing Football in UK



"You have to make it as normal as possible. although you are out of your elements, you got to try to stick to your schedule. You have to continue to do the things you've been doing up to this point. It's a task because we're going across seas. But for myself and a lot of the guys, we'll stick to our routine as much as possible." -- on Oct. 18


"Just stay focused. As a team, we got to know that this is still a business trip. We're up there for a game. We have to be ready." -- on Oct. 18

"I'll probably go with Vernon (Davis) and look around (the city)." -- on Oct. 18


"Well, whether we're in Youngstown, London or here, it really doesn't change my relationship with my teammates. So that's not really a factor. It's just the fact that you're always together. We're always together here as well, but you're sleeping in the same hotel instead." -- on Oct. 16


"We came fully-loaded to Tennessee and we'll go fully-loaded." -- on Oct. 18

"Right now, it's a matter of, same way we treated those Youngstown trips, back-to-back East Coast games that we played in 2011 and 2012, and that's concentrating on taking care of our business today and handling that." -- on Oct. 16

"Some of the logistics, but the major logistics will be handled our staff, our front office staff and [manager, team logistics] Steve Risser does an excellent job of that and our security team. They'll carry the water on that one. They'll have the heavy burden of that. Coaches and players will be concentrating on the ballgame and the preparation this week... There were one or two hitches with the government shutdown, but we're working through it." -- on Oct. 14

"Pretty much, I'll just go with the clothes on my back. I'll pack my playbook, a toothbrush and a great attitude and we'll see if we can't encourage the rest of the guys to do the same." -- on Oct. 14


"We heard all about that stuff in 2011. We went and won in Cincinnati and Philadelphia back to back, so I think that put that fallacy to bed."-- on Oct. 15

"I gave my passport to the appropriate people, and they said I'm good to go." -- on Oct. 15

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