49ers Coaches Curry, Lewis to Assist with Combine Drills

The NFL Scouting Combine affords team personnel the opportunity to get better acquainted with potential prospects.

Some assistant coaches are also chosen to help run on-field drills, giving them a unique perspective on the players.

San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula ran the defensive line drills in Indianapolis every year since joining the team's coaching staff in 2007. This year, wide receivers coach Ronald Curry and defensive backs coach Tim Lewis will carry the baton, assisting their respective position groups.

While some coaches might prefer to sit in the stands and be able to keep an eye on the entire field, getting up close and personal with the players is something Tomsula enjoyed about running drills.

"I just love being on the field, being around players," Tomsula told 49ers.com. "These are young guys coming up and they're going to be in the league. It just gives you a great feel for the players around the league."

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