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49ers are on the Rise in this Week's NFL Power Rankings

The San Francisco 49ers spent a majority of this season in the cellar. After an 0-9 start, they sat firmly in either the 31st or 32nd spot on everyone's power rankings. But now the 49ers are finally rising up the charts after rattling off four-straight wins.

Jimmy Garoppolo has made everyone a believer. Any remaining skeptics have jumped on board after Garoppolo and the 49ers put up 44 points against the Jacksonville Jaguars and their top-ranked scoring defense in Week 16.

Here's a comprehensive list of power rankings to illustrate where the 49ers stand in the eyes of the national media.

ESPN: 19 15

Yahoo Sports: 19

CBS Sports: 22

Bleacher Report: 23

USA Today: 19

SB Nation: 13

Washington Post: 14

Sporting News: 22

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