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4 Things We Learned from Colin Kaepernick in Denver

DENVER – Colin Kaepernick took his usual Wednesday press conference on the road this week.

Following the San Francisco 49ers first of two joint practices with the Denver Broncos, the quarterback addressed the media and answered a series of wide-ranging questions.

From his appreciation for Peyton Manning to his recent role as an Al Pacino character, Kaepernick covered the spectrum on Wednesday at UC Health Training Center.

Here are the top four headlines.

  1. Offense found its pace as practice wore on

As many 49ers players attested to, the altitude in Denver affected the team early on in the practice.

But after the team caught its wind, the mile-high air didn't have as much affect.

"It was a little bit of an adjustment getting used to everything, but overall, a good day," Kaepernick said. "(We) got back into our rhythm towards the end; got things rolling I think."

The practice also gave Kaepernick and Co. the opportunity to measure themselves against another defense – one that includes star players like Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware.

"You get different looks," Kaepernick said. "You get to go against different players who you don't know their tendencies. You don't know what their disguises look like yet, things like that. So it's an opportunity to come out and really hone in on what you want to get done."

Kaepernick's best play on Wednesday came near the end of practice, when he threw a perfect pass over the middle to Garrett Celek. The quarterback fit the ball between the safety and linebacker for the long completion.

"Yeah, that was good. I thought it was huge because the play before, (Celek) had jumped offsides," Kaepernick said. "He came back and made a huge play for our offense. So I think mentally, just the focus he had to come back and make a big play like that is big for us."

  1. No wall art, but Kap Stills looks up to Manning

Growing up in Wisconsin, Kaepernick was a fan of the Brett Favre-led Green Bay Packers. On Wednesday, the quarterback was asked if he still might have owned a poster of Manning as a kid.

"Didn't have any Peyton posters," Kaepernick said. "But (I) always respected and admired his game."

So much so that Kaepernick attended the Manning Passing Academy while in college. There, he learned the nuances of leading an offense.

"The biggest thing was just how they viewed the game," Kaepernick said. "Different things they go through as far as watching film, what they're look for, what they're doing, things like that. So (that was) something that helped me early on in my career."

Kaepernick said he will make it a point to catch up with Manning before the 49ers leave the Broncos facility.

  1. Wolf Pack reunion takes place in the Rockies

Broncos tight end Virgil Green and linebacker Brandon Marshall were teammates with Kaepernick at Nevada. The quarterback got the chance to say hello to his college friends on the practice field.

"Saw B-Marsh a little bit more on the other side of the ball, but I'll catch up more with them (Thursday) too," Kaepernick said.

The San Francisco 49ers took part in a practice with the Denver Broncos in the mile-high city as they prepare to face each other in Week 3 of the preseason.

The signal-caller was complimentary of Green, who has transformed from a blocking tight end to a pass-catcher.

"He can really do it all so to see him catching balls – I saw he had a touchdown earlier in the preseason – it wasn't something that surprised me," Kaepernick said.

  1. How Kap got into character

The hugely popular Madden NFL 16 commercial recently surfaced, and Kaepernick has a starring role as Al Pacino from "Scent of a Woman."

To prepare for the part, Kaepernick watched the movie and repeatedly practiced the character's signature catchphrase, "hoo ah."

"I think the highlight for me was they told me when I got to do the part that they had called Al Pacino and had to get his approval for it, so I thought that was a great honor to have him OK it," Kaepernick said

The quarterback hasn't heard any reviews from Pacino yet, but he hopes the actor approved of his work.  

"It took a little while to start," Kaepernick said. "But once we got rolling, for two days that's all I did so I got pretty comfortable with it."

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