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Kyleena Stone

School: Don Callejon School

Grade: 7

Favorite STEAM Subjects: Engineering

Dream Career: Industrial Design

Kyleena has participated in FIRST Lego League for 6 years and volunteers at local tournaments. "I specifically love the engineering, math and art aspects of STEAM," Kyleena said. "I like the challenge of math and the creativity of engineering and art."

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David Tangilanu

School: Menlo-Atherton High School

Grade: 12

Favorite STEAM Subjects: Environmental Science

Dream Career: Civil Engineer

David is interested in STEAM because he is fascinated by how technology shapes our society. He is currently taking an environmental class which has sparked his interest in how technology can potentially help his community become more sustainable.

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Lizbet Prado

School: Cal Sate East Bay

Grade: Junior

Favorite STEAM Subjects: Psychology

Dream Career: Psychiatrist

While in school, Lizbet works as a medical assistant. She loves learning things in class and applying it to her work. She thinks it's incredible that she can use science to improve people's lives.

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Meena Rojas

School: Sherman Oaks Dual Immersion

Grade: 7th Grade

Favorite STEAM Subjects: Art, Math and Engineering

Dream Career: Interior Designer

Meena is a problem solver and someone who looks to better the lives of others. She hopes to pursue interior design because she wants to help improve people's homes by focusing on combining functionality and aesthetics. She sees the importance of art, engineering, and math as all essential in pursuing her career.


Marco Garcia

School: Cesar Chavez Middle School

Grade: 6

Marco's diligent work ethic is noticed by his classmates as well as his teachers. He is a student whom the teacher can rely upon to be on task and participate during lessons.


Priya Pudasaini

School: Santa Clara High School

Grade: 9

Favorite Subject: Life Science and Math

Dream Career: Veterinarian or Urban Engineer

Priya is a participant of the 49ers STEAM Leadership Institute. She is part of the Project Invent team which allows her to explore engineering. Priya is grateful to be part of the SLI program as it will continue to help grow her passions and discover new ones.


Matthew Van

School: Santa Clara High School

Grade: 11

Favorite STEAM Subject: Science

Dream Career: Pediatrician

Matthew is a participant of the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute. He enjoys helping others in his community through 49ers SLI's newly developed Pay It Forward Project by volunteering at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital and working with kids at the new SLI Service Learning and Mentoring Program initiative at Pomeroy Elementary or the Boys and Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley.



School: Don Callejon

Grade: 4

Favorite STEAM Subject: Technology (Coding)

Dream Career: Programmer

Carter is passionate about coding because he can create lots of video games and be creative. He likes to code on Scratch and Roblox. He enjoys making very cool animations and models and uploads them to the games he creates on Roblox.



School: Don Callejon School

Grade: 5

Favorite STEAM Subject: Math and Art

Dream Career: Pediatrician

Charlotte loves every subject in school, but is especially fond of math and art. Charlotte likes math because there are many ways to solve a problem and likes art because if you make a mistake, you can always shape it into a beautiful oops! Charlotte also loves to play basketball because you have to be both creative and precise.

Katherine Mercado

Katherine Mercado

School: Renaissance Academy Fischer

Grade: 7

Favorite STEAM Subject: Science

Dream Job: Engineer

Katherine is a stellar student and person. She loves learning and is especially passionate
about science. Katherine aspires to be an engineer and hopes to use her knowledge and skills to make
the world a better place.


Scarlett Cualtle

School: Renaissance Academy at Mathson

Grade: 8

Favorite STEAM subject: Math

Dream career: Doctor or Lawyer

Scarlett's enthusiasm for school spreads joy and happiness every day that she is present. Scarlett has participated in many extracurricular activities such as basketball, wrestling, and band.


Danny Molina

School: Menlo-Atherton High School

Grade: 12

Favorite STEAM Subject: Math/Science (Chemistry and Biology)

Dream Career: Doctor

Danny loves to learn how science can impact our world in the future. He also likes math because it can sometimes be challenging, making it fun. Danny has always been interested in math and science since the third grade because it blows his mind every time he learns something new.


Ivan Baez

School: Menlo-Atherton High School

Grade: 12

Favorite STEAM Subject: Tech (Web Design)

Dream Career: Electrical Engineer/Computer Science

Ivan finds it fun to work on computers and other programs. He has always been interested in tech since he was in elementary school. Ivan used to participate in programs that introduced him to coding basics which sparked his interest in tech.


Bao Nguyen

School: Silver Oak Elementary

Grade: 5th

Favorite STEAM Subject: Math

Dream Career: Doctor

Bao's educator wrote, "Bao is so well-rounded. He is extremely studious, earning high grades in every subject. He is also very athletic and participates in several sports. Bao plays piano and has several interests outside of school. Most impressively, Bao works hard and prepares to be the best in all he does!"


Deani Lyons

School: Kipp San Francisco College Preparatory

Grade: 12th

Favorite STEAM Subject: Physical Science - Chemistry

Dream Career: Nursing or Business

I am interested in STEM because it gives me the opportunity to think outside the box. It allows me to develop my cognitive skills and learn the basics of coding. I intend to pursue a career in the medical field as a nurse where I will continue to use my STEM skills and learn new ones.


TJ Ramos

School: William C. Overfelt High School

Grade: 11th

Favorite STEAM Subject: Technology or Engineering.

Dream Career: Building Engineer or NFL Player

TJ loves learning about engineering and tech. TJ is a role model to his peers and admired for being a great leader both in the classroom and on the field as a lineman for the Overfelt High School football team.


Paige Houle

School: Santa Clara High School

Grade: 9th

Favorite STEAM Subject: Science or Engineering

Dream Career: Science or Robotics Educator

Paige is a participant in the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute and is part of the mechanical sub-team on a FIRST Tech Challenge robotics team called Déjà Vu. She is grateful that 49ers SLI gives her access to tools which help her complete projects she is passionate about which may lead to an amazing career!