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Sourdough Sam


Meet Sourdough Sam

Sourdough Sam is the hardest working mascot in the NFL. Striking gold at Candlestick Park in 1994, Sourdough was drafted to the 49ers as the team's official mascot! Sourdough Sam is a gold miner that loves to have fun, and pumps up the 49er faithful at every home game. Known for his love of sourdough bread, SDS would take the bread with him on a hard day's work of digging in the gold mines. With his miners pick in the air Sam leads the San Francisco 49ers on to field now at Levi's®️ Stadium.

Sam knows how important it is to be healthy. Sourdough stays in such great shape by playing, and exercising outside for 60 min a day. Sam "Fuels Up" with good foods, and a lot of practice to be the best he can be. During the off season SDS loves to visit the future 49er youthful at 49er youth camps, schools, birthday parties and much more! For the more seasoned faithful fan if you have an event of any kind (corporate gatherings, festivals, charities, or special deliveries) Sourdough will impress you with his many talents! Sam is a friend to all. He greets everyone with a huge smile and a big knuckle pound! Energetic, funny, and kind hearted, Sourdough Sam represents the best of the 49ers, and the Faithful. Don't just have an event… have and event with a mascot who is going to make that best memories possible!

Thank you for being Faithful and GO NINERS!