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Sourdough's Fun Facts


Sourdough's Fun Facts

Name: Sourdough Sam

Nicknames: SDS, Sour Dizzle, Sam The Man, Super Sam, Sgt. Sam, Sammy Claus, Sammy, 49er Miner and Sam

Birthday: 4/9

Birthplace: Candlestick Park

Hometown: San Francisco

Weight: 249lbs... But who's counting?

Height: 6'6 without his hat (With his hat, pretty darn tall)

Favorite Hangout: Levi's® Stadium

Hobbies: Digging for gold, breakdancing, painting, football, drumming, working out, kicking field goals, and silent reading

Hidden Talent: Mascots can't talk, but this one can beatbox! Just give Sam the mic, and watch what happens!

Favorite Movies: "Gold Finger," "007 Golden Eye", "The Gold Rush", "City Slickers 2: The Legend Of Curly's Gold", "Austin Powers: Goldmember," "Fool's Gold, Gold Diggers Of 1993", "City Of Gold" and "San Francisco".

Favorite TV Show: "Golden Girls"

Favorite Food: Clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl

Favorite Playlist: 49ers Fight Song, Jurassic 5 "What's Golden," The Black Keyes's "Gold On The Ceiling," Metallica "Ecstasy Of Gold," Jill Scott "Golden," Yeah Yeah, Yeahs "Gold Lion" and DJ Fresh "Gold Dust"

Favorite Book: "Sam I Am" By: Dr. Seuss

Sourdough's Pet: Clementime

Favorite Activity: The "Levi's® Leap"

Favorite Colors: Red & Gold