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Videos - April 2022

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2022-04-14 49ers PREP Hosts Fourth-Annual Skills Camp Fueled by Gatorade
2022-04-20 Arizona State WR Brandon Aiyuk Selected with 25th-Overall Pick by 49ers
2022-04-21 49ers Select Elijah Mitchell with the No. 194 Pick in 2021 Draft
2022-04-21 49ers Select OT Justin Skule No. 183 Overall in 2019 NFL Draft
2022-04-22 49ers Select WR Deebo Samuel No. 36 Overall in 2019 NFL Draft
2022-04-22 Arik Armstead Finds Out He's Being Draft by the 49ers
2022-04-23 49ers Select Mike McGlinchey at No. 9 in the 2018 NFL Draft
2022-04-24 49ers Select Florida S Marcell Harris No. 184 in the 2018 NFL Draft
2022-04-25 49ers Call International Player Pathway Program Selection Alfredo Gutierrez
2022-04-25 49ers Select LB Dre Greenlaw No. 148 Overall in 2019 NFL Draft
2022-04-25 49ers Select Jimmie Ward with No. 30 Pick in 2014 Draft
2022-04-25 John Lynch Shares Offseason Updates, Previews NFL Draft
2022-04-26 49ers Select P Mitch Wishnowsky No. 110 Overall in 2019 Draft
2022-04-26 Warner, Mitchell, McGlinchey Discuss Goals for the 2022 Season
2022-04-26 49ers Select Iowa TE George Kittle at No. 146
2022-04-27 QB Trey Lance Selected with Third-Overall Selection by 49ers
2022-04-27 49ers Select LB Fred Warner No. 70 in the 2018 NFL Draft
2022-04-27 Entrevista 1 a 1 con Alfredo Gutiérrez
2022-04-28 49ers Select DL Nick Bosa No. 2 Overall in the 2019 NFL Draft
2022-04-28 Los 49ers: Avances del Draft de la NFL 2022
2022-04-28 49ers PREP Virtual Workout Featuring Sourdough Sam
2022-04-30 USC DL Drake Jackson Selected with 61st-Overall Selection by 49ers
2022-04-30 Drake Jackson Says He's 'Jumping for Joy' Following 49ers Selection
2022-04-30 49ers Call Second-Round Pick Drake Jackson
2022-04-30 USC RB Tyrion Davis-Price Selected with 93rd-Overall Selection by 49ers
2022-04-30 Tyrion Davis-Price: 'I'm Glad to Be a 49er'
2022-04-30 SMU WR Danny Gray Selected with 105th-Overall Selection by 49ers
2022-04-30 Danny Gray Says San Francisco 'Felt Like Home'
2022-04-30 John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan Recap Day 2 of the 2022 NFL Draft
2022-04-30 Getting to Know 49ers DL Drake Jackson
2022-04-30 49ers Call Third-Round Pick Tyrion Davis-Price
2022-04-30 49ers Call Third-Round Pick Danny Gray
2022-04-30 John Lynch Recaps 49ers Day 2 Draft Picks
2022-04-30 'NFL Draft Kickoff' Says Drake Jackson is a Great Scheme Fit for 49ers
2022-04-30 UTSA OL Spencer Burford Selected with 134th-Overall Selection by 49ers
2022-04-30 Spencer Burford Calls Trent Williams a 'Freak of Nature'
2022-04-30 Toledo CB Samuel Womack Selected with 172nd-Overall Pick
2022-04-30 Samuel Womack: 'I'm a Lockdown, Press Corner'
2022-04-30 Fordham OL Nick Zakelj Selected with 187th-Overall Selection
2022-04-30 Nick Zakelj Discusses His Experience Playing Guard and Tackle
2022-04-30 49ers Call Fourth-Round Pick OL Spencer Burford
2022-04-30 49ers Call Fifth-Round Pick CB Samuel Womack
2022-04-30 49ers Call Sixth-Round Pick OL Nick Zakelj
2022-04-30 UCF DL Kalia Davis Selected with 220th-Overall Pick in 2022 NFL Draft
2022-04-30 Penn State DB Tariq Castro-Fields Selected with 221st-Overall Pick
2022-04-30 Kalia Davis: 'I'm Just Ready to Work'
2022-04-30 Tariq Castro-Fields Says SF is a 'Perfect Spot for Me'
2022-04-30 49ers Call Sixth-Round Pick DL Kalia Davis
2022-04-30 49ers Make QB Brock Purdy Mr. Irrelevant with Final Pick in 2022 Draft
2022-04-30 49ers Call Sixth-Round Pick DB Tariq Castro-Fields