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Wragge Earns His College Degree


After morning workouts on Monday, 49ers Director of Alumni Guy McIntyre and Director of Player Development Ty Knott, presented 49ers guard Tony Wragge with a game ball to honor his achievement of completing his Bachelor's degree in Individualized Studies from New Mexico State University.

Finishing his degree was something Wragge knew he had to do.

"It's very important because obviously football does not last forever and I've always been a goal-oriented guy," said Wragge. "As well as I want to do on the football team and contribute to the 49ers, I understand that one day my career is going to be over with and I want to be prepared to go on to do great things in whatever next career move I make, whether that's in coaching, media in the NFL, or a financial field.

The 49ers encourage players to further their education and continue to learn off-the-field as the organization puts an emphasis on players living a successful life after their football career is over.

McIntyre, who held the position of Director of Player Development last year, discussed the importance of players taking classes in the offseason to earn their college degree.

"It just gives them more opportunity because playing in the NFL, you have the opportunity to meet so many different people and if you have your degree you have something to offer them," said McIntyre. "Maybe then you can start doing an internship and then maybe you can start planning that inevitable day when you're going to leave the game and be able to have something to do that you like."

During this offseason, Wragge also participated in the NFL Business Management and Entrepreneurship Program at the Harvard Business School where he took classes on various topics including finance, real estate investments, tax law and overall personal finance analysis, among others.

In July, Wragge is taking part in the NFL's Broadcast Boot Camp program that helps prepares players for the spot in front of the camera after their career.

At the moment, Wragge isn't sure which directly he will go after his career is over but enjoys taking full advantage of the opportunities the 49ers and NFL presents him to further his education and knowledge.

"I just want to be the best at whatever I choose and I think it's so important to get your degree. I'm very proud of it," he said.

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