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Worth 1,000 Words: Marquise Goodwin's Diving 51-yard Reception

Over the course of the season, we will feature a select photo from each game day taken by a member of the San Francisco 49ers photography staff in our "Worth 1,000 Words" series.

Week 5 vs. Indianapolis Colts: Fourth Quarter


Shot by: Terrell Lloyd, Senior Manager of Photography Services

Subject: Marquise Goodwin

Location: Lucas Oil Stadium

Lloyd:"I work with five different cameras and lenses on any given gameday to capture various things in a game and get a variety of shots depending on where the team is at on the field. I also have an extender to multiply the focal length of a lens.

"So, on this play, the 49ers are down the field around their own 40-yard line, and I'm sitting in the end zone as the play unfolds. Hoyer goes to pass, and he throws a bomb downfield to Marquise Goodwin. I pan over to catch Marquise, and I'm like 'Oh no. I'm really tight.' So, as I pan over to take the shot coming downfield, Marquise is extended parallel to this diving catch. Since the line of scrimmage was so far down field, I'm using lens for a tight shot on a catch that's now up close. There was no time to change cameras, and normally I wouldn't use that lens for a deep pass.

"He extended his body parallel between two defenders, and that's what makes it so interesting to capture that pass, at that angle, with that camera."


Lloyd has served as the lead photographer of the San Francisco 49ers since 1996.

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