With our Women's History celebration coming to a close, let's look back at how the 49ers honored women across the organization and the NFL who are blazing a trail for future generations throughout the month of March.

International Women's Day

The 49ers kicked off Women's History Month by celebrating International Women's Day on March 8th with an inspiring video featuring a 49ers PREP youth athlete, players from the Bay Area Fire, a part of the Women's Flag Football Network (WFFN) and prominent women in the NFL including the 49ers very own Salli Clavelle who is the perfect example of what hard work and determination can get you. The video's message was one of inspiration, hoping to encourage young girls and women everywhere to pursue their passions and dreams no matter the obstacles.

The 49ers also hosted a panel discussion in honor of International Women's Day with members of the front office staff. 49ers co-chair Denise DeBartolo York and NFL senior coordinator of football development Katie Guarino kicked off the panel which featured senior team reporter Keiana Martin, pro personnel analyst Salli Clavelle and player engagement coordinator Shelby Soltau as they discussed their paths to the 49ers and gave advice to those hoping to pursue a career in sports.

Women of the Front Office Series

As a part of Women's History Month the 49ers launched the "Women of the Front Office" series to get fans a better understanding of what members of our staff do on a daily basis. The series launched with 49ers senior team reporter Keiana Martin as she gave us a closer look at what it's really like to be a reporter for an NFL franchise.

The second feature highlighted Patty Quan, social media content coordinator. Patty took us back in time through some of her favorite 49ers moments to share on social with the Faithful.

Inside the Oval

The 49ers Inside the Oval podcast presented by Dignity Health released two new podcasts this month to highlight members of the front office staff. The first featured Sofy Navarro, 49ers EDU senior manager. She talked about the day-to-day responsibilities of her role, tips for setting up an at-home workspace, how coming from a family of educators influenced her career path and her favorite memories as a member of the 49ers organization.

The second episode that the team released was with Alison Lu, 49ers director of business strategy & analytics, where she discussed her journey to the 49ers, the role fan feedback plays in developing new initiatives and her top tips for successful networking.

To learn more about female-driven programs through the 49ers and sign up for Women of the Niners, the Official Women's Club of the 49ers, visit 49ers.com/won.

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