With Demolition Underway, Fans Recall Favorite Candlestick Park Memories

Looking back at the San Francisco 49ers old home at Candlestick Park compared to the team's new digs at Levi's Stadium.

*With the demolition of The 'Stick officially ongoing, Niners Daily remembers the venue from the eyes of you, the fan.
Before the final San Francisco 49ers game at the iconic venue, we created a timeline commemorating the unique history of the park. We asked The Faithful to add to it by sharing their personal memories of the 49ers longtime home.

Over a year later, the comment section continues to grow. We've sifted through and compiled a handful of our favorites. Here they are, in all their unedited glory. Enjoy.

My Dad was one of the construction workers that helped build Candlestick Park, I remember driving out with my Mom as a child to bring his lunch to him. My Dad was a huge fan of the Giants and the 49ers, we went to many of the games. This place will always hold a big part of my heart, I'm full of great memories because of Candlestick. I'll miss it very much. – Bliss Aragon

I remember January 14th when Vernon Davis caught the winning catch in the divisional serious. Doesn't matter who was around me I was hugging. So excited to see history in the making. I've been going to 49er games for the last 6 years coming from Los Angeles. Being in that stadium makes me feel at home. The crowd and history of candelastick is out of this world. Thank you 49ers.– Adam Benavidez

One Giants game in particular remains locked in my memory, night game with Mike Krukow pitching against Dwight "Doc" Gooden and the Mets, both pitchers were on their game with a low scoring affair finally ended by an extra inning home run off the bat of light hitting Wally Backman of the Mets......to this day I have my own Bucky "blanking" Dent thoughts (replacing with Wally's name) when I think about that well pitched game. Have been living on the East Coast for the last 20 years, got a chance to catch a Niners game last year at the Stick and spent a little time remembering it all .... Farewell Candlestick! – Frank Monahan

My Mom worked for the 49ers as a receptionist back in the 80's with the Montana group of players, it was a great time in her life. She went to 2 Super Bowls. Myself, well, I saw the Beatles at Candlestick, and was sitting in the stands at the end zone to watch and experience that split second SILENCE as Dwight Clark made "The Catch."  Never forget that moment as I age and become very forgetful about most other things.– Laurie Holland

I am an SF native and grew up going to games at Kezar. Managed to get in many games at Candlestick before I had to move to the east coast. When they were televised, we would always watch the games, knowing my dad & brother were in their seats at Candlestick. Every time the camera paned to the area where their seats were, I'd tell my son to waive at Poppy because I could see him waving at us. – Gail Contreras

A large number of my family and I were able to all come together for one of the last games the 49ers played at Candlestick on October 6, 2013 for the 49ers vs Texans game . This was a special game for us since it brought so many of us together from different areas. 10 came from Hawaii, 5 came from Las Vegas, Nevada 5 from Milpitas, Ca. 2 from Dos Palos, Ca. And myself from Yoncalla, Oregon. The 9ers made it even more special by winning the game! – Wanika Doggett

Witnessing Bowman's pick was the first time I have ever cried tears of joy– Ian Schornstein

I'm a San Franciscan born and raised. My childhood, my life revolves around the "Stick". My memories are endless. I remember the astro turf back in the 70's. The family days the 49ers held there. I met Gene Washington and that was one of the brightest moments. My brother, Anthony and I used to run the field, trying to be like our hero's… I watched John Brodie, Vick and Gene Washington, Cedric Hardman, Bruce Taylor back in the days. Me and my brother paid $9 to go watch the niners play the Cowboys…  So, yes, I have memories, lots of them. From learning how to drive to what will be the final game the 49ers will play there. I will miss Candlestick... It was talked about and disrespected but it was home. – William Milton Reed III

* I made so many friends at Candlestick, many of the younger fans that sat around me called me Mom and I referred to them as my Candlestick sons. I loved sitting in the corner of the South End Zone, UR section 4, my home for many years. I remember freezing in August, and being warm in December. Only at Candlestick did you need your thermals and blankets on an August evening. It might be 100 degrees 50 miles South, but sitting in the stands at the stick was like the North Pole. My favorite game was the Saints Divisional game with the Vernon Post, never screamed so loud. I look forward to making more memories at Levi Stadium, but I'll always treasure and remember my view from the South end zone of Candlestick. Ahh, memories, the long escalator ride to the upper deck, the foghorn, the wind, the cold, goodbye Candlestick we'll always love you!* – Ruth Mendes da Costa

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