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Which NFL Team Has the Most Draft Picks in 2016?

Which star NFL players are the top 25 draft prospects most like? Check out the similarities scouts have found.

With the National Football League announcing its full list of 253 selections for the upcoming 2016 NFL Draft, the San Francisco 49ers will officially be on the clock more than any other team. Barring trades, the team will pick a league-high 12 times this year.

Three of San Francisco's dozen picks come by way of previous trades by general manager Trent Baalke. The club also picked up four more selections via the NFL's compensatory selection formula. Baalke's draft-day manuevering and free-agency approach has put the team in position to add more young talent to an already up-and-coming roster.

But what other teams are also in position to haul in a surplus of young talent?

Take a look at the order of teams with the most equity to spend during the three-day draft (April 28-30) in Chicago.

San Francisco 49ers (12)

New England (11)

Cleveland (10)

Denver (10)

Detroit (10)

Baltimore (9)

Chicago (9)

Dallas (9)

Green Bay (9)

Philadelphia (9)

Seattle (9)

Buffalo (8)

Jacksonville (8)

Miami (8)

Minnesota (8)

Oakland (8)

Tennessee (8)

San Diego (8)

Washington (8)

Cincinnati (7)

Houston (7)

Kansas City (7)

Pittsburgh (7)

Tampa Bay (7)

Arizona (6)

Carolina (6)

Indianapolis (6)

Los Angeles (6)

New Orleans (6)

New York Giants (6)

New York Jets (6)

Atlanta (5)

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