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What the Texans Said Following a Week 14 Loss to the 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers picked up their third win in four games in the 26-16 road victory over the Houston Texans. San Francisco managed 416 total yards, their third-largest production on offense this season. Houston has now dropped six of its last seven contests.

Take a look at how the Texans locker room responded to the 49ers win.

Head coach Bill O'Brien on DeAndre Hopkins' game against the 49ers:

"I wish we could've gotten it to him more. We tried. San Francisco did a good job of doubling him a lot, especially after the second touchdown catch. They really traveled two guys with him quite a bit and it was difficult. But, he's a great player and we're going to continue to try to get it to him."O'Brien on the 49ers big offensive plays:

"They did some good things, ran the ball, had some good runs. Pierre Garçon's a good back. Their offensive line blocked pretty well. I thought Jimmy (Garoppolo) made some good throws. I thought our guys played hard. They play hard every week. We just have to go back to work and try to figure out how we can fix it relative to Jacksonville."

O'Brien on the 49ers coverage of Hopkins after his second touchdown:

"Well, I think they were mixing in some doubles. But, I think eventually they just committed to basically doubling him. I don't know if they did that every play, but I think after that second touchdown, they committed to doubling him, for the most part. And it was difficult to get him the ball. We have to do a better job of moving around, trying to move around. We just didn't do a good enough job."

WR DeAndre Hopkins on losing to the 49ers:

"It doesn't hurt more than it would if they were undefeated. We got close to winning."

DE Jadeveon Clowney on Jimmy Garoppolo:

 "Oh, Jimmy (Garoppolo)? He's good. He nice. He made some nice passes, some accurate passes, got the ball out of his hands fast. He's doing his thing."

Clowney on Hopkins taking the blame for the Texans loss:

"He's the head guy, man. He's the reason why we were in the game. He was catching everything. You know, he made one turnover. I think that was his first turnover all season, which he don't do that a lot. I don't think he should take the blame, that's on the whole team. You can't give up 26 points and expect to win games on defense."

CB Kareem Jackson on the Texans loss to the 49ers:

"We just have to play four quarters. We start out good, something happens and it just kind of goes downhill for us. Some plays that we have to make. I just think it all goes back to playing a complete game. We still have yet to do that. That's what I think it is. In all three phases, we have to play together as a team and put a complete game together."

Jackson on falling to a two-win team:

"I wouldn't say embarrassing. Every team in the league is capable. You go out and you play like (expletive), anybody'll get you. That's just what it is. I wouldn't say it's embarrassing to lose. They're an NFL team too. You go out and you're not playing at the high level the way you're capable of playing, you're going to lose."

QB T.J. Yates on the 49ers double coverage of Hopkins:

"It's tough. You can't really force him the ball when they are bringing a safety down, bringing a safety over top, trailing him from behind. They were doing everything they could to put two and sometimes three guys over in his area. We've got to do a better job of distributing the ball around, because if they do that to him then there should be other guys open."

Yates on the 49ers defense limiting the Texans in the fourth quarter:

"Obviously, they started to take DeAndre (Hopkins) away as much as possible. We got back to making those mistakes that were killing us whether it was passes dropped, turnovers, stuff just kind of not going our way. We've got to do a better job of keeping that momentum we had at the end of the first half and beginning of the second half just to keep it rolling."

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