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What the Packers Are Saying about Facing the 49ers

Ahead of their Week 4 trip to Santa Clara, several Green Bay Packers fielded questions about taking on the San Francisco 49ers.

As usual, Colin Kaepernick was one of the most commented on subjects, as well as how big of a test the 49ers represent to the unbeaten Packers.

See what the Green Bay stars said below and go here for full press conferences from

HC Mike McCarthy

(on Jim Tomsula): "Jimmy is a heck of a football coach, he's from a couple of neighborhoods over (in Pittsburgh). I'm very proud of what he's been able to accomplish. He always brings a blue-collar approach, and I think you see that with his team."

QB Aaron Rodgers

(on the 49ers defense): "I enjoy the challenge of playing against those guys, and I always enjoy competing against them. They still have guys with name recognition and young guys who are trying to make a name for themselves. ... They are able to push the pocket well, and they're stout against the run. It's about protection for us, making sure we can get a body on those guys, create a good pocket and allow me to go through my reads without a lot of pass rush."

RB Eddie Lacy

(on the 49ers defense): "They've changed a little bit, but they still get a great push. As far as the running backs go, we just have to try to get them to stretch or get them to come in and go around, so it'll be a lot of mind games out there. They get to the ball, if you break one tackle, there are going to be two more guys there."

WR Randall Cobb

(on the 49ers defense): "They have a new defensive coordinator and a lot of new faces. It's been a lot of changes all over the field for them. They're in a new stadium, so it's not like we're playing at Candlestick again. I don't think there are any ghosts. Like every year, teams change, so you have to prepare for the guys who are going to be out there."

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WR James Jones

(on the 49ers losing consecutive games): "That's a good ball club over there, a lot of talented players. I know they're coming off a game where they feel they didn't play very well, so they're going to come in with a chip on their shoulder in their home stadium and try to give us a knockout blow. We have to play well. Just because this team is 1-2, that doesn't mean they haven't given it to us they last few times. We have to play good football. It's not going to be an easy win."

LB Clay Matthews

(on containing Kaepernick): "He still has the same ability to escape the pass rush and extend plays. We're always mindful of that. Defensively, we'll have our plays that keep an eye on him and try to eliminate what he's capable of doing. For the most part, as I say with playmakers in this league, they're going to make their plays, we just have to limit it as much as possible."

LB Julius Peppers

(on Kaepernick): "He's a guy who can run and make plays with his feet and he can throw the ball, so that makes him hard to stop. It's going to be tough. But we have some many rushers that can get to the passer, so I think we'll be fine. We have to be disciplined."

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