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What the Lions Said about the 49ers after Week 2

The Detroit Lions suffered their second-straight loss on Sunday, falling to the San Francisco 49ers, 30-27. In a game that remained competitive until the final minute, a 49ers fourth-down stop eliminated the Lions hopes of a substantial late-game comeback.

Take a look at what the Lions locker room had to say about the 49ers Week 2 performance.

Matt Patricia on the Lions performance against the 49ers:

"Obviously we didn't play very well here tonight. We have to do a lot better than what we did. Too many penalties. Too many mistakes. Too many plays that obviously cost us the game. We had a game-changing play in there that got called back. We gave up too many in the run game there defensively. Obviously, there was a turnover there on offense that gave up points on that. We tried to execute the two-minute drives accordingly before the half and at the end of the game so there were some positives with that. Again, it's just not good enough. It's really just us not playing well enough, the way we need to play. I give them credit. They did a great job on all three phases and took control of the game. We just couldn't get it back."

Patricia on the 49ers putting up 190 rushing yards:

"Sure, but they had a big play run so it's obviously going to skew it again. If you get one run for whatever it is, 60 or 70 yards, obviously that's going to be a problem. Not good enough, I have to coach it better, they've got to get stopped, they've got to stop doing that. So, that's on me."

QB Matt Stafford on the number of penalties and turnovers against the 49ers:

"Yeah, I'll take this game by itself. I'm sure the turnovers are mine. I've just got to throw the ball away. Probably, just trying to make a little too much happen and then, the penalties we've just got to, we're going to go look at all of them and see where we can be better. I'm sure every phase had their fair share of them, some bigger than others, but they all count. And, we've just got to do a better job playing by the rules and playing ourselves."

CB Nevin Lawson on the 49ers rushing success:

"They did a good job of running the ball. That's pretty much it. You have to give them credit for running the ball well."

CB Teez Tabor on the Lions missed opportunities against San Francisco:

"Give them credit. They got on the ball fast. It was also miscommunication by us, but I can't get into all that scheme and stuff. We just have to play better."

Tabor on the challenges of the 49ers pace of the game:

"We knew they were going to push the tempo. We talked all week about the fact that they like to push the tempo. We just have to do a better job of handling that tempo. I was going fast. We just have to get everyone on the same page and get everyone lined up fast, but we knew it was coming. Coach warned us multiple times."

DB Tracy Walker on the Lions self-inflicted penalties:

"We kind of knew coming into to this week that the refs were going to make some very tough calls. It just leaves us room to improve. We definitely have a lot of work to continue to build on. We're just going to use this game, watch the film, make the corrections, and look forward to next week. San Fran came out and played a great game. They had a great game plan. Shout out to them for coming out and playing hard. We competed the best that we could today. We've just got to come back and get it next week."

Walker on how the 49ers move around their running backs and tight ends:

"Jimmy Garoppolo, he's definitely really good. He is definitely quick at his reads. With that being said, he did a great job. Like I've said before, it's just using their weapons and capitalizing on their opportunities. We've just got to continue to build and make corrections."

TE Luke Wilson on the Lions potential to come back and win against the 49ers:

"Today was a tough one, a tough pill to swallow. We're obviously right there. I'm kind of at a loss for words right now. We're going to watch this film and be a little sick to our stomachs because we're going to see a lot of things we could've done better that would've changed the outcome of the game. Hats off to San Fran. They played a great game and I'm not taking away anything from them. We definitely have the ability to come out with a win on the road here, and we kind of shot ourselves in the foot."

Wilson on the Lions second half momentum:

"I felt like in the first half we were right there. We worked on some minor details at halftime, cleaned them up, talked about it and we were rolling. I really thought we weren't that far from rolling the first half too. We have to take this and learn from it. There are no moral victories in this league. We'll learn from our mistakes and be ready to rumble next week."