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What the Giants Said Following a Week 10 Loss to the 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers defeated the New York Giants on Sunday, 31-21. While the 49ers grabbed their first win of the season, the Giants have dealt with their own share of struggles, dropping to 1-8 in 2017.

Take a look at how the Giants locker room responded to the 49ers:

Head coach Ben McAdoo on the Giants third-straight loss:
"We knew we were going to face a hungry young football team today. We had some fight in us and it got away from us in the end. It's important for us to realize, and I've talked to the team about, that every play and every game and every phase is so important in each and every game, and it got away from us today. We need to go take a long hard look at the tape, at the game, make sure we get everything corrected and be honest with each other. But give the Niners credit. They outplayed us today. They outcoached me today."

McAdoo on rookie C.J. Beathard:
"He played well today. He had a nice day."

QB Eli Manning on C.J. Beathard's performance:
"Seemed like C.J. played well. He had a couple big plays, had a rushing touchdown, so he seems to have a good feel for the offense. For a rookie coming in, he played well today."

CB Eli Apple on the 49ers success against the Giants:
"They did a good job of running the ball. They play-actioned off of it. It was a matter of being consistent and that's been a problem for us."

S Landon Collins on the 49ers efforts on third down:
"I don't know. They were catching the ball and making plays. They caught it and turned up field. It wasn't because they were getting extra yardage, it was that last effort they were getting every time."

Collins on the Giants three-straight losses:
"We came here expecting to win. It's not that the San Francisco 49ers were 0-9. We know what we're capable of. We have consistency in practice and our work ethic. It's not transferring to the field for the game."CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie's assessment of Beathard:

"Smart. He is a guy that gets the ball out fast. He doesn't make too many mistakes. They make the game very simple and he executed."

Rodgers Cromartie on the Giants Week 10 loss to the 49ers:
"We got schooled. I did not see enough relentless play, attitude, you name it, I did not see it.  Everything we should have done, I felt we did not do it."

Rodgers-Cromartie on the 49ers record:
"It doesn't matter if they are 0-9 or 9-0. No matter what, a team is a team. Should every given Sunday be that big of a lead? No, it should be a dog fight."

Rodgers-Cromartie on the Giants efforts:
"It seems like you have two teams that came out there with their backs against the wall. You had a team that came out swinging harder than the other."

LB Jonathan Casillas on the state of the Giants:
"We're not a good team right now. Hopefully, we can turn this around to be competitive. It's sad that I'm sitting here talking about us not competing in games instead of winning, but that's the truth. We have to be able to compete, hang around to the end and pull out a victory. Like I said before, you have to look at yourself in the mirror and see what you can do better personally."

Casillas on the Giants struggles on defense:
"It's disappointing. I'm a prideful person and I do feel like I'm representative of our defense. We didn't play up to character or up to par. We can't keep putting together games like this and expect to beat anybody. We've only got one win and it's going to stay like that until we figure out how to slow these teams down."G Justin Pugh on what the loss to the 49ers means going forward:
"It's definitely shocking losing to that team we lost to. It's definitely tough. I thought we were going to win for sure. It's definitely tough."

"Losing to a 0-9 team, it can't get much worse than that. We are here where we're at. We will figure out where were going from here. We still have seven games left."

Pugh on Ronald Blair III's quarterback sack-fumble:
"I should still be able to block him. I came on the next series after that just trying to keep going obviously; I want to win the game. That's just a bad play by me."

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