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What the Denver Broncos Said after 42-17 Victory

Here is what the Denver Broncos had to say after their 42-17 "Sunday Night Football" victory over the San Francisco 49ers at Sports Authority Field at Mile High.

Coach John Fox

On the team's 42-17 win and quarterback Peyton Manning setting the new record for most touchdown passes (510)

"It was pretty special. I think first and foremost to play a really great team and organization like the San Francisco 49ers, Sunday Night Football, pretty big stage, at home. Our fans were amazing, it was pretty electric. It was neat to see them be able to witness such a great accomplishment by Peyton Manning."

On if this was the most complete game his team has put together in a very long time

"I don't know about very long, we're 5-1 now. I'd say we try to get better every week. I'd say this is probably our most complete game to date, both offensively and defensively as well as in the kicking game. That's what you try to do in this league is improve every week. I thought we did it last week in preparation and I think it showed tonight."

On how important it was to pressure 49ers running back Frank Gore early

"Well, that's a very talented front — their offensive line. They've been a very productive run football team to date, so it was a big challenge. I complimented our front people a week ago going to New York because that group can run it pretty good too. We were pretty rugged then and I think we just built on that tonight."

QB Peyton Manning

On if it's good to have the record behind him

"It was a great win tonight, that's first and foremost. I thought our whole team played really well. I was really excited about offensively the way we executed the gameplan. The guys out front did a good job; I thought we ran the ball well. That opened up a lot of things in the passing game, a couple of touchdowns were all play action and then defensively, getting us the ball back with great field position. It was a special night, I think certainly more special because of the way our team played and because we got the win. Such a team effort, it's definitely one I'll always remember." 


Select images from the San Francisco 49ers matchup with Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos on "Sunday Night Football."

On what 509 touchdowns means to him as someone who appreciates football history**

"I have great appreciation for all the players in the NFL, playing now and (those who) have played before us, especially at the quarterback position. I'm very humbled and I'm very honored. I certainly think about how grateful I am for all the teammates and coaches that I've played with and played for throughout my career, not only here in Denver — in Indianapolis and all the people that have helped me along the way but I've always been a fan of quarterbacks, whether it's Brett Favre or Dan Marino or John Elway. I'm very honored and humbled to join a pretty unique club and then when you throw in guys like Johnny Unitas and Fran Tarkenton, guys that were my dad's heroes growing up as well, I can put it in some perspective and I have a great appreciation for it."

On what he thought about his teammates' prank after his 509th touchdown pass

"I can't believe they actually did it. We sort of joked about it during the week. I'm a little bit hurt by the fact that they could do that, that they're kind of picking on me. I've lost my vertical leap, it's not there anymore. My side-to-side agility is not quite as quick so it hurt me and of course I probably deserved it based on the non-graceful play in that I tripped and fell on the play before, so it's probably fitting. But that was pretty funny, I enjoyed that and I'll definitely remember a lot of things about tonight but I'll definitely remember that part of it and the fact that they had the guts to go ahead and go through with it."

On what happened in the record-setting series

"We got down there to the 1-(yard line) and TE Julius (Thomas) has been so effective down there on the different sight routes and the fade routes and he had a really good route on that first play and I just threw it behind him. I really missed it; it was a good route by him, a bad throw. On the second play I'm not sure what happened I don't know if I tripped over the guard or the running back or what. So I think I would've had either D.T. (Demaryius Thomas) or possibly Emmanuel (Sanders) on the backside. Wasn't feeling real great on that third down. A missed throw and I don't know what you'd call that last second play, a missed standing up. So it's a tough play call. We were third-and-goal from the 12 or something and so they dropped, I believe, in coverage, which can be tough but Demaryius made a really good route, put some pressure on that cornerback and I knew I had to get the ball outside just in case the corner was going to squat and he did a great job getting his feet in bounds. That whole series I think is something I will always remember."

On the record

"It's a little bit of a blur there. You kind of get whacked in the head by a lot of people so you try to process some things and I think I'll—with the game Thursday it's hard to take a whole lot of time to reflect but I was able to savor the moment. I was glad it was here at home, here in Denver in front of our home stadium and the fact that we won the game certainly allows it to celebrate it with your teammates, that is what I told the team inside. It's special because of the way our team played and I appreciate the way our team played tonight getting the victory."

On if he thought QB Brock Osweiler would play the entire fourth quarter

"Definitely didn't see it coming. San Francisco is a great opponent. They have some injuries that I think put some pressure on their defense and we were able to take advantage of that. Our offense and execution was really good tonight and like I said, I really appreciate the way the guys played up front and the run block and the pass protection. Paul Cornick making his first start, I thought he did a great job. He had some butterflies early, which how could you not making your first start and I thought he really settled in and did a good job. I thought the other four guys played tough and I appreciate the way the backs ran. It was good to get Emmanuel and Wes in the end zone. I think Adam [Gase] will be able to stop getting them out of his ear for at least maybe week or two or at least three days until Thursday. I thought everybody played hard tonight. Coach Fox challenged us to take a good week of practice on to the playing field. I think our team did that."

WR Demaryius Thomas


On whether he was sure that he would catch Broncos QB Peyton Manning's record-setting touchdown**

"I didn't know at all. The play before I thought I had a chance, but Peyton had actually fell down and I thought my chance was over. But, we came back the next play and they called it and I knew I was kind of to the short side of the field, and I knew I had a chance and when I came off the break I saw the ball coming and my main thing was just make the play on the ball and keep my feet in bounds."

On whether he shared any words with 49ers CB Perrish Cox after his second touchdown catch

"No, no we didn't say anything. I was just excited to score another touchdown."

On how great a quarterback Manning is

"He's the best that ever played the game. He made me a better player when he first came in. He changed up some things on how we run routes and watch film, and just sitting in the film room and see what he does I think made everybody a better player around him."

CB Chris Harris Jr.

On 49ers WR Anquan Boldin

"We've always had some good battles, so to be able to get a good lick on him definitely felt good."

On Boldin's drop

"We were wanting to get him, challenge him all day and make (Colin) Kaepernick be a pocket-passer and force him to throw. It worked out in our favor today."

On the pass-rush as a group

"It's a team effort. We try to have great coverage for them, so we can buy them time to get to the quarterback and they're rushing and making the quarterback throw crazy throws. So as long as we can continue to play as a great unit, as the D-line and us with the coverage, it's going to be a long day for a lot of teams."

RB Ronnie Hillman

On the play call on his 37-yard touchdown run

"It was an inside zone. I just cut back to the backside gap, and it was there. I just used my speed to get it to the end zone."

On the offensive line's performance

"Well, I got two touchdowns, so I think they're doing a pretty good job. They came to work today and I can just be grateful for that. Just to have an offensive line like that is kind of cool. And whenever you have a quarterback like that who gives you the looks, it's just an overall blessing."

LB Von Miller

On if there was an emphasis to get pressure on Kaepernick

"I mean that's how we go into every game—we want to go out there and get sacks and tackles for loss. I don't think we ever have a game plan where we don't want to get pressure. We're going in aggressive, that's what we do best whenever there is a moment when we can just pin our ears back. We have guys in the middle and guys on the outside that can go do it, and definitely a secondary that can hold those guys up for us. Great defensive win today and I'm proud of my guys."

On the defense sacking Kaepernick six times

"That's just how the game goes, sometimes you just get in a groove and sacks come in bunches. We were just able to get there tonight. They have a great offensive line from [T Joe] Staley to [T Anthony] Davis on the other side and they were pretty solid in the middle. Relentless pursuit and fanatic emphasis to the ball will get it done sometimes."

DE DeMarcus Ware


On putting together a complete game against the 49ers**

"I think tonight was that night that we actually put a full game together, but this league is all about—and us, we always talk about—what have we done lately? We've got to put this game in the backseat because we have a game on Thursday and a quick turnaround."

On pressuring Kaepernick

"We weren't fibbing at all. When you practice just like you play, and have guys that week-in-and-week-out that are consistently trying to get the pocket push, have good pocket presence, we really talked about that—all the trick plays and all the things that they did. And guys played a responsible game, like I said earlier this week, we've got to play a responsible game against these guys because they can beat you with [RB Frank] Gore or Kaepernick."

On he and LB Von Miller's sack totals

"I came out on top tonight. We talked about don't rush timid this week. We have to get pressure on the quarterback and the offense was able to really get points on the board and make them one-dimensional where they would have to pass the ball, and that's when me and Von and the other guys really open up and rush the passer, and we did really well."

On his fake spin move in the second half that resulted in a sack

"I tried the same one on Kansas City and it worked, but they didn't give me that forced fumble. I said, 'Why not try it again?' and it actually worked this time, against a quite good quarterback. So it's still in the repertoire. I won't bring it out next week but you got to just try to pull out all the hat tricks."

On the sack competition between him and Miller

"We always talk about—me and Von—about getting pressure on the quarterback. That's what we do best and having a high-powered offense with [QB] Peyton [Manning] doing the things that he does and the offense just being consistent every week and making the other teams really one-dimensional. Then me and Von always look at each other and say 'Hey, it's time to get at the quarterback. Let's get pressure and do what we do best,' and we were pretty effective tonight."

On the defensive performance

"It builds confidence—knowing that you're going against a high-powered offense that likes to run the ball and able to sort of slow them down a little bit, that sort of started last week because that was a good running offense, the [New York] Jets. So now we just got to kind of each week, we've got to be consistent, let that motivate us in playing—you know, we play a good game on Thursday. We play against a good team so we've got to let that keep rolling. It's all about what have you done for me lately-type league."

CB Aqib Talib 

On shutting down the 49ers offense

"It's them guys up front. That front four did a great job on containing them, just keeping them in the pocket. We blitzed a little bit but we did a lot of four-man rushes and the guys got the job done."

On stopping RB Frank Gore

"Our d-line takes pride in that, in running, period, whether it's the quarterback trying to run or the running back. They put extra time in to look like that on the run game. So they showed up today."

WR Emmanuel Sanders

On QB Peyton Manning's demeanor

"Peyton's demeanor is always the same. He's ready to get back on the field and score more touchdowns. He's addicted to football and so is the offense. We enjoyed being out there because we know we've got a special group here and we like to score points."

TE Jacob Tamme 

On if everybody wanted to be the one to catch 509

"How much did we want to be? Oh that would have been, yeah everyone wanted to get that one. After you guys brought it up this week and alerted us all to how cool it was, we all definitely wanted it. So I'm happy for D.T. though. D.T., I'm proud of him. I'm happy for him, getting that one. I was just talking to Welker, Welker might get to keep 508. D.T. had to turn in 509 and every one that we get from now on is a new record, so maybe I can get the new record one of these days."


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