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What the Bears Said Following a Week 13 Loss to the 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers took home their second win of the season following a 15-14 victory over the Chicago Bears. The 49ers retook the lead in the final seconds of the game as Jimmy Garoppolo engineered a 14-play, 86-yard drive that set up former Bears kicker Robbie Gould for the game-winning field goal.

Take a look at how the Bears locker room responded to the 49ers road win.

Head coach John Fox on the Week 13 loss:

"Obviously, this was a very disappointing loss. In a nutshell, if you don't give up an offensive touchdown, you're going to win your share of games in this league. That wasn't the case today.

Fox on the 49ers success on third down:

"I don't think we played well enough on third down. Obviously that last one, we had an opportunity to get a stop at 14:12 – I think it was third and nine. I think the third down defense was problematic. I will say though that the red zone area defense was pretty good, those opportunities of not allowing a touchdown. And then (not) being able to generate something offensively. I don't think we really established the run game. I think Mitch (Trubisky) was improved. I think on the pass game we were five for 10 on third downs. But all in all, it was a low scoring game and we came up on the short end."

Fox on whether there was consideration in allowing San Francisco to score:

"Yeah, we talked about it, but it would have had to be done at about 1:36 or 1:40, or whatever it was. We felt good about the block we had on the potential field goal. Neither one of those are great options at the 5 and 4 yard line."

Fox on former Bears kicker Robbie Gould:

"He made a bunch of kicks. That was their offense. That was their scoring offense. To make all five kicks – that is a good day."

Fox on his impression of Jimmy Garoppolo:

"I've already seen Jimmy before. I knew he was a good quarterback. I knew they would be a little better offensively, no disrespect to anybody else. That is their guy. We kind of knew about him. I thought he played pretty well."

"We didn't really generate much rush. And that makes life for a quarterback a little better."

QB Mitchell Trubisky on the 49ers defense:

"It was pretty much what we expected. A couple different looks on third downs, but I think we just didn't execute today. We had a great week of preparation and it only means so much if you don't execute on Sundays. They did a few things we weren't expecting, but for the most part, they're pretty true to what they do on defense. They did it well today, to allow us to be inconsistent on offense. We were watching what we wanted to do today, but they controlled the ball, which is something we wanted to do. We wanted to keep them off the field and have better defense, but it was the other way around today. It seems like we really couldn't get things going on offense today. We just have to get better."

Trubisky on the 49ers success on third down:

"It takes a toll on the defense and keeps the offense off the field. We're not in a rhythm and we're just sitting there. They didn't score, but it takes a toll in some capacity. We just have to find a way to stay on the field, and keep the defense off the field and play a complete game. It's awesome to have the big plays on special teams, but we have to do better on the offense. It starts with me – I have to get better every week and be more consistent, especially on third downs. We'll see what we're made of this week and practice. We're going to bring the energy and fire, and finish out these games."

DB Prince Amukamara on losing to the 49ers:

"Not embarrassing. I would just say we're disappointed. I think there are games in the NFL where you look and go, 'OK, we should win this game; we're pretty confident.' To be forward and blunt, this was one of those games. I would say we just disappointed ourselves. Like I said, we're going to watch the film, swallow it, and then worry about Cincinnati."

Amukamara on the Bears on the Bears keeping the 49ers out of the end zone:

"It's a great job that we were holding them to field goal tries. But all those yards and getting them there was, of course, too much. And not getting off the field on third down hurt us a lot, and that was the case last week with the Eagles. We'll have to correct it."

RB Tarik Cohen on his punt return score:

"It was designed for me to get to the left somehow. So when I first got it, it was my job to set the defense up. They were really coming aggressively, so that's why I had to take it that far back to finally turn around and get back to the left side. When I got back to the left side I had all my teammates there, my blockers, to escort me to the end zone."

"I was worried I might get tackled for a loss of yards. But then in that case, like my coaches always tell me, I had to trust my speed, just go with the plan, and go back left."

CB Kyle Fuller on Robbie Gould's five field goals:

"You don't think about it too much, you're just out there playing. Of course you realize he used to play here for a long time – good buddy of mine. But you don't think much about that."

Fuller on his interception:

"Just being able to get there at the same time as him, being able to get my hands on it, and pull it away. Football is a reaction game, especially for corners. Once I saw what I saw, it was just getting a good break, and being in good enough position."

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