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What the Bears Said after Overtime Loss to 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers pulled out a wild, 26-20 victory in overtime over the Chicago Bears on Sunday at Soldier Field.

The visiting team recorded highlight plays both to tie and win the game. Here's what the home team said about those moments and more.

QB Jay Cutler

(On Jimmie Ward's pick-six): "It was a quick screen. If he jumps it, it's probably going to be a pick-six. He got a good feel on it, jumped it and made a good play."

K Robbie Gould

(On missed field goals): "I just got quick on the last two in the second (half), and I let my teammates down. I didn't get the job done today. The guys did a great job getting it down the field. I just missed both of them. There's no excuse for it."

CB Tracy Porter

(On Torrey Smith's game-winning touchdown): "We're supposed to have a guy carrying the seam, but for whatever reason there was a miscommunication (and a) miscue. It didn't happen and the quarterback saw it and he put it up. They came out in their formation they usually take a shot in. They just flat-out executed. We were out of position on the back end and they were able to capitalize on it. They just won the game."

(on Blaine Gabbert's touchdown run): "We lost contain and we couldn't keep him in the pocket. He was able to use his athleticism, which I've mentioned he had before in earlier interviews, and he used it to score a touchdown. That's two huge plays that we let get away that we can't let happen if we want to win games or even talk about or hint about playoffs. We have to take care of things on our side of the ball first."

LB Willie Young

(On facing Joe Staley): "I told my son, 'Hey man, go watch some cartoons or something, I have studying to do. I'm playing Joe Staley this week.' My hat goes off to him. He's a great player who has been around a while. Just a great matchup all-around. He definitely stuffed a couple times."

(on Gabbert's touchdown run): "That's tough for me.  Just knowing that you were a shoestring away, and it ended up in a touchdown. Any closer and I think I would have had him. Great play by their quarterback."

LB Pernell McPhee

(On loss in general): "It came down to which team was going to make the biggest play, and they ended up making the biggest play at the end. I've seen a lot of games in the NFL like this, and it's never over until it's over. We thought we had it, but it somehow slipped away."

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