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What the 49ers Said after 20-3 Loss in Week 7

Read what members of the San Francisco 49ers said following a Week 7 loss to the Seattle Seahawks on "Thursday Night Football."

TE VERNON DAVISWas their secondary as swarming and as tough as advertised?

"Yeah, they were swarming. They played a really good game. We have to give them the credit because they did win. We weren't able to pull the victory off. But beneath it all, we still have the rest of the season. So, it doesn't really matter what's going to happen or what everyone else is saying is going to happen. We just have to make sure that we come each and every week and give it all that we have and play together as a team."


Did it feel good for you personally to get back in the mix a little more?**

"Not really. Had we won then I would have to say yes, but it was almost as if it didn't even happen. Like I said, each and every week we put in a great game plan, but sometimes it might not go your way and sometimes it will. Today, I think for us a team collectively, it didn't go our way."

Is it frustrating that it was Seattle that seemed to handle you at home again? Especially offensively, their defense seemed to control this game.

"Well, we've had our struggles with Seattle. It's hard to get by this. It is. I'm not going to stand here and lie. It is Seattle, and we haven't really had much success against them this past couple years. But like I said before, we have to put this one behind us, move on and get ready for the next match."

They're a veteran team and you guys have a lot of young guys. Is there any sense that you guys were a little bit intimidated by them?

"I don't think we're intimidated by anyone. I don't think that's the case. I think we just lost the game. We lost the game. Mistakes, penalties, didn't execute on certain plays. We just have to keep moving forward. We can't let this one get us down. It's over, it's gone and we have to keep our heads up and keep on going."

RB CARLOS HYDE The ineffectiveness on third down, in your opinion, how much of it was on you guys and how much of it was Seattle?

"It was all on us as an offense. Definitely, me, the offensive line, we have to do a better job of communicating with that pass rush so we can give the quarterback time to get the ball out. So, it was more of us, not them."


Did it seem as though they got such an interior push? It was like before the play even got going they were there?**

"Yeah, they have some good guys on that D-line. Can't take anything away from those guys. But, we just have to compete. Keep working, go to practice and get better. Definitely going to watch this film, and watch the things we did do right and the things we didn't do right, correct those and move forward."

This offense had found such a rhythm over the last game and a half. What changed in this game that didn't allow the offense to fall back into that rhythm?

"When we have those third-and-shorts, we just have to move the ball on those third-and-shorts, third down. We just have to move the chains. I don't think we did a good job of keeping the chains moving. We just have to do a better job of keeping the chains moving."

A lot of players on this team have never experienced a streak like this, or to be 2-5 in this situation. How does this team handle this? What did Head Coach Jim Tomsula say to the team after this loss?

"He just told us to stay with it. Tough loss, stay with it. Like he told us, we have something special in this room. Believe in one another and just keep fighting. Stay positive and we'll be alright."

CB TRAMAINE BROCK On that first touchdown when you were catching up to that play, it looked like you might have had a play on the ball. What happened at the end?

"The ball just kept floating. I hit it at the end a little bit. I felt my finger tips on it and I thought I knocked it away, but they made a play."


How frustrating is it, from your perspective, being back there?**

"We've just got to come in every week. We can't just stop playing. I'm not going to shut down. I don't look at it like that. We've got to keep going. I've got to keep going as a player since the season still is long. We've just got to keep going, can't give up."

You had another interception in the end zone right before halftime. What about that play?

"He threw it, we were in Cover 3 so I was able to make a play. I needed to make a play, I gave up one. Gave one, got one so I've got to keep on going as a player."

Does having this extended time off between now and the next game help or give you more time to stew over this loss?

"We're able to rest now, so hopefully that will help and be a positive force for us coming into the next week."


2-5, where do you guys go from here?

"Hey, it's just 2-5. Can't look back. Just keep on going forward."


Select images from the 49ers Week 7 matchup with the Seattle Seahawks.

Do you feel like this derails any momentum you guys had built up on offense the last couple games?**

"No, we just have to get back to work."

Why was the offense not able to establish the passing game tonight?

"We just didn't work hard enough. We just have to work harder."

What does that mean?

"What does it mean? It means we just have to go to practice and work harder. We can't hold our head down on another loss. Just have to keep on going. We can't get this one back."

Do these guys have a tougher pass defense than what you've faced the past few weeks?

"You know what you're going to get when you get Seattle: a physical football team. We just have to bring it."


Is there some mindset where the Seattle Seahawks have the upper hand?

"No, I don't think that. They did a good job on third and one or goal. Offensively today we just weren't in rhythm and it was not acceptable all the way around."

What do you think was the cause of some of the protection issues?

"Good players and we just have to do a better job. It's hard for me to say right now exactly what it was. We have to win our one-on-one matchups. That's what we're here to do, that's what we're paid to do, and we have to do a better job."

What's your mindset like for the rest of the season?

"It's the same. We're here to win football games. As a professional, you have to keep the mindset that you're going to do the best job you can, regardless of whether you're 7-0 or 2-5. The mindset is always the same. You're a professional."

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