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What Are the Seahawks Saying About the 49ers?

The San Francisco 49ers are coming off of their much-needed bye week to host a divisional matchup against the Seattle Seahawks. Seattle is looking to bounce back on a short week following a 34-31 loss to the Atlanta Falcons on "Monday Night Football". The 49ers have lost eight consecutive games to the Seahawks, a streak San Francisco hopes to end on Sunday. 

Take a look at what members of the Seahawks are saying ahead of Sunday's divisional matchup in Week 12.

Head Coach Pete Carroll on what to expect facing the 49ers:
"The 49ers are coming off a big win.  They played likely their best game of the year and looked good and they are pretty darn healthy right now.  We know that we got to get ready and get right.  Their media tried to get me to talk about their quarterback situation which I have no clue and no idea what that is all about, who is going to play, and who is going to start and all that kind of stuff. There is nothing we can do about it.  We are just going to go show up and see what happens.  We are preparing for [C.J.] Beathard right now and we will see what happens.  Other than that, we are looking forward to getting back on track here.  We got to get back and I'm really disappointed that we didn't pull it off last week."

Carroll on if the Seahawks face the same issues from last meeting in Week 2:
"Yeah, that was a game in itself.  We have had all kinds of games. There has been a bunch of them.  So it isn't the same as it was, is the way I am going to answer your question.  It isn't the same as it was."

Carroll on whether to prepare for C.J. Beathard or Jimmy Garoppolo:
"It really isn't a factor. How we go about preparing? We're just preparing for the 49ers. They've got a style of offense. They've got really good players that do what they do. And then whoever is triggering it from the quarterback spot, we're going to go play football. We've seen Jimmy play. We've seen how he's mobile and the kind of athlete and competitor he is. But other than that, we just go play ball. There's nothing we can do about that."

Carroll on what he's seen from Beathard:
"He's been more mobile. He's got a motion average. He's averaging five yards a carry. So, they're incorporating him in the run game. Some that we have to be concerned about. That factors always and different than other quarterbacks at times. I would think Jimmy can do the same stuff. He's just getting more settled. You can see the offense is growing. You can see Kyle's able to expand and do more stuff. He's an incredible offensive coordinator and play caller that we've respected for a long time. They've just grown and they're getting more proficient at what they're doing."

Carroll on the 49ers Kyle Shanahan-led offense:

The 49ers and Seahawks have a long history, going back to 1976. Here are photos from their 38 meetings.

"They've just expanding on their schemes. Kyle has done a ton of stuff over the years. A wide variety of schemes and concepts. You can take it back to his Redskins days where they did all kinds of things that you can see a bit of all it finding its way into his offense. It expands the concerns and issues you have to deal with. It taxes us. That's why he's a really good coordinator and he's always been really effective."

Carroll on what he's seen from Adrian Colbert:
"He covers a ton of ground. He can fly. He's aggressive. He has shown up on film. Playing next to Eric Reid. Eric's a fantastic safety in the system and in the scheme. He fits it beautifully. All the guys that they've been playing back there are better, sharper and cleaner and that's naturally how they get better through the course of the season."

Carroll on Pierre Garçon role in the 49ers offense:
"He can do anything. He can run any kind of style football. Whether it's gap scheme or zone scheme. He can do it all. He's done a great job coming out of the backfield. Obviously, the focal point with 40-something catches. He's dangerous on the perimeter. He's such a well versed and dynamic player. There's no style that he can't execute. I've always thought the zone scheme was the best. You've seen us do it over the years, and I think it fits him beautifully."

Defensive Coordinator Kris Richard on what he has seen from Beathard:
"He's a young quarterback, he's moving around well in the pocket for them, and you can see that they're moving him around some with their boots and play-action and things of that nature, but he's trying to run the system to the best of his ability."

Richard on taking in account Beathard's mobility:
"We have to keep him contained. We have to keep him contained and we have to make sure that we do a really good job of taking away his first option."

Offensive Coordinator Darrell Bevell on the defensive battles against the 49ers:
"Well, I look back at them as well as us, and I think that both teams are different teams. I think both teams have improved, they'll get a bunch of their defensive players back, but I think we have come a long way. We don't look anything like that team that was in week two or whatever it was that we played, and we've come a long way just in terms of our execution, overall execution, working together, and those kinds of things. We've changed in some ways as well; obviously, we're throwing the ball a little bit more and still trying to get that running game going, and we're never going to leave it totally, but that's something that we're still working on."

Bevell on changes in the 49ers since last meeting:
"Well, some personnel. Some personnel is different and just some of the thoughts that we had coming in about how they were playing has changed a little bit. They're doing a little bit different things on the backend."

QB Russell Wilson on how the 49ers offense has evolved since Week 2:
"Well, it's funny because I was talking about that today; I think that when you watch the 49ers on film, they've really evolved, first of all, I think that when you watch their defense, they played us pretty tight last game; it was a really tight game, we found a way to win, but they've really evolved and you can see that on film. They look great, they look like they're making plays and everything else."

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