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What Are the Redskins Saying About the 49ers?

The San Francisco head east to take on the Washington Redskins in Week 6. It will be a reunion game for several 49ers who have spent time in their career as members of the Redskins.

Before both teams get set for kickoff, take a look at what members of the Redskins are saying ahead of Sunday's contest:

Head coach Jay Gruden on facing the 49ers:

"They have a lot of good players over there. They're four plays away from being 4-1 without a doubt. A Lot of first rounders are on defense. A lot of skill on defense. Offensively, they've got a lot of speed. A physical runner. And a nice offensive line. So that's a competitive football team. If you take anyone for granted in the league, you're an idiot. So, that won't happen here."

Gruden on Kyle Shanahan:

"I've been impressed with Kyle throughout his upbringing. He was a quality control guy with Tampa Bay so I've known him for a little bit of time. When he got his opportunity in Houston with coach Kubiak, he did a great job. And obviously when he came to Washington he did an excellent job with Robert and they won the division. And then with Atlanta, heck, he was one of the top coordinators in the league. And had an opportunity there and they're trying to find their way now and implement their system. He's an excellent coach."

Gruden on preparing for a potential return of Reuben Foster:

"I think we'll prepare for Reuben. Reuben was quite frankly probably my second favorite defensive player in the draft behind Johnathan Allen who we got in the first round. He's an excellent player. He can run he can hit he can cover. He can do whatever you want a linebacker to do. I think he's a force. And then you throw him up there with the three first rounders they've got on the defensive line. And (NaVorro Bowman) and obviously, Eric Reid and Jimmie ward, they've got a heck of a defense personnel wise. Their outside linebackers that can rush. They've got Elvis Dumervil coming on third down. Lynch is a heck of a rusher. So, it's a heck of a defense, they don't get enough credit for the skills they have. So, adding Reuben into the mix will make them even better."

Gruden on the production of DeForest Buckner:

"I notice all those guys. Solomon Thomas. I notice Deforest Buckner. I notice Earl Mitchell is doing some good stuff. Arik Armstead. they're all big long guys. And they play hard up front. And they can get pressure with four guys which is really key this day and age in pro football so you can play different coverages on the back end. If you can get pressure with your four guys, you have a better opportunity to be successful. Those four guys can get pressure, and Buckner and Armstead and those guys are really coming."

Gruden on facing Pierre Garçon:

"He's always been angry. He was angry at me the whole time he was here," Gruden joked. "I think that's what people appreciate about him when you compete with him or against him. You see the anger that he plays with on tape. And it's not a bad thing. It's a good thing for a wide receiver. Not many wide receivers are like that. He likes the tough and physical play of playing out there. The tough catches. The cross-the-middle catches. He thrives on that stuff. And running through traffic and making the hard catches with his big hands and the physical play after the catch. Just a pro and a great receiver for a long time."

Defensive Coordinator Greg Manusky on the 49ers offense:

"I think they do a great job of running the football. Over the last couple of weeks, they've done a great job of getting positive yardage with the running back. Have a good offensive line. A good fullback and a good tailback. And then they've got a little explosiveness with Pierre and their other receivers down the field. So, they're doing a good job."

Manusky on facing Garçon:

"A very good route runner. I think he does a great job at running routes. I think he's in pretty good communication with the quarterback off of the routes that he's running. And he's an explosive player. Once he gets the ball in his hands he can break tackles and get vertical. He was a very good player here, and he's doing the thing this past year."

QB Kirk Cousins on the 49ers through five weeks:

"They're a couple plays away from being 4-1. If anything, they're coming with even more of a vengeance knowing that they need to win this one. We see a very good football team. Kyle knows that."

Cousins on facing Kyle Shanahan and Pierre Garçon:

"I'm used to going against Kyle from the preseason game when he was in Cleveland. And then he was in Atlanta when we played down there. Pierre will be different because it has been five years and all I've known in the NFL in the past has been Pierre on the Washington Redskins, so it will be interesting having him on the other side – especially at FedExField. It will be a different experience but I guess that's the way the league works. As we've said, people move on and change happens. I'm rooting for both of those guys as we go forward. But hopefully we get the job done on Sunday."

LB Mason Foster on the 49ers offense:

"They have a great coach. Hyde runs hard. Pierre's a fierce competitor. Make a bunch of big plays. So, it's going to be tough."

CB Kendall Fuller on expectations on facing the 49ers:

"We're not going to let their record hinder our thoughts on what type of team they are. So, we're going to come out there competing and expect a battle."

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