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What Are the Jaguars Saying About the 49ers?

The San Francisco 49ers look to extend their three-game winning streak on Sunday over the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 16. Jacksonville has its sights set on winning its first AFC South title in nearly two decades, while San Francisco has a chance at its fifth win in six games.

Take a look at what the Jaguars are saying in preparation for Sunday.

Head coach Doug Marrone on Jimmy Garoppolo looking comfortable under center:

"He's done an outstanding job obviously along with coach (Kyle) Shanahan. Looks like he's hitting his groove he's playing on all cylinders. He can extend plays. He can get in and out of plays. Unbelievable accuracy. He's doing a lot. He's got a hot hand. He's playing very confident. It shows on the field. It's on the tape. He's someone that's very dangerous and is going to be a great challenge to us on defense."

Marrone on what he's seen from Garoppolo:

"For me, I think he is a really good NFL quarterback. We know that. It's on film. It's on tape. It's not something that we have to fabricate or make him seem better than it is. He's as good as it gets right now for what's going on around the league."Marrone on the 49ers offensive weapons:

"It's very dangerous.*They have some weapons, they have some guys that can get behind you in coverage. And they've got a quarterback that can deliver the ball. So, that's what you're challenged with. And they have the back that can break tackles and do an excellent job in yards after the catch."Marrone on Marquise Goodwin:*

"I loved him. I can't say enough good things about him. I know that I said this before the season when I first was with Marquise, he's the fastest player on the field. I've always said that. He's the fastest player I've ever seen on a field. And I've been around some fast players – Santana Moss in New York, Reggie Bush was a fast player. And then we had probably the fastest group of guys in Buffalo – (former Buffalo Bills cornerback) Leodis McKelvin – all those guys thought they were the fastest. And I was like nope. There's no one faster than Marquise. He's a great kid, works extremely hard. And it's not surprising to me to see the success that he's having. It's really not. Obviously, I'm happy for him and I know he's someone that we've got to make sure we keep an eye on because he can run right by us at any moment."QB Blake Bortles on scoreboard watching ahead of facing the 49ers:

"Most importantly, go win the game so you don't have to worry about anything. I know that's where my focus will be. How can we beat the 49ers and make sure that we can control what we can control, and just take it in our own hands. I'm sure the score of the Titans game will be brought up. They play before we do, so I'm sure everybody will know what's going on there. But regardless of whether they win or lose, if we clinch before the game or after the game, we want to go out there and put a good game together and beat the 49ers."Bortles on his history with Jimmy Garoppolo:

"Obviously, became friends and kind of formed a relationship through that whole (draft) process. Got a chance to talk to him I think our second year when we went up there and played New England and this past camp going up there and practicing against them. Kind of just said, 'hey how's it going.' Wished him the best and all of that. I'm happy that he's gotten an opportunity and done well in San Francisco."Bortles on Garoppolo's progress through three weeks:

"It's tough. I think it's super impressive to come in and do that. A guy like that, to come in mid-season and start game planning and figuring out the offense at the same time. I'd imagine it's pretty tough having to do that. I'd imagine it's a challenge. So, for him to be able to go out and play and be successful is pretty impressive."LB Telvin Smith on Garoppolo's success with the 49ers:

"It's always when a guy sits for a while, he comes out on fire, I think that's what it is with him. He sat for a while behind a great quarterback, one of the best to ever play the game. So, he's got a lot of knowledge. Now you're going against one of the best defenses to play the game, so let's play."Smith on Robert Saleh's impact on his career:

"He's the one that taught me. I would say him, (University of Wyoming defensive coordinator) Scottie Hazelton, (Jaguars defensive coordinator Todd Walsh) coach Walsh. I honestly would say those three guys are the ones that taught me football on this level. I don't want to take away from my instincts and stuff like that, but when we're talking about learning ball, I attest it to him. I'm looking forward to playing against him and seeing him again."CB Jalen Ramsey on the Jaguars possibility of clinching the division:

San Francisco and Jacksonville have faced off four times, including a game in London. Here are some of the best shots from the games.

"I would like to know (the result of the Tennessee Titans). It won't affect how I play the game. I'm going to play the game how I plan on playing the game anyway, to the best of my ability. If I know we've clinched the division, that's pretty cool. You all might think we might relax, but it might pump the team up to go harder. We might be excited. So, we might really go out there balling. You never know."Ramsey on Goodwin's speed:

"You can't tell? He's the fastest man in football. That man is an Olympic sprinter. That man is fast-fast. He can play fast. Ain't no keeping up with him over the top. My technique is going to have to A-1. I'm going to have to do a good job and mix it up every now and then. I'm going to have to rely on my safeties at times. I'm just going to have to play my game. But that's what I'm doing this week. I'm preparing the best I can to be able to keep his speed in check this game."Ramsey on facing the challenges covering Goodwin:

"It's definitely a different challenge. I played him last year when he was with Buffalo and did pretty decent on him. So, I'm hanging onto that, seeing how that went for me and hopefully I can be successful come Sunday."CB A.J. Bouye on preparing for the 49ers and their recent success:

"We've got to keep watching more film. Every team in the NFL is dangerous. We know what we have to do, we just have to focus on that approach each day like we can and just get ready for a good team on Sunday."Bouye on what he's seen from Garoppolo:

"Good offensive scheme, great coach. They've got great weapons. I was looking at their last three games, he has a total of three touchdowns. I understand they're excited because they're winning a lot and he's taking care of the ball and they're playing good ball on defense and all three phases. When you're doing that on consistent weeks, that shows you the direction that they're going. This isn't a team that nobody needs to sleep on. They're showing you why they're winning. We lost to the Titans. They beat the Titans. That's how I look at it. We're not taking this game lightly. We're ready to go."

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