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What Are the Colts Saying About the 49ers?

Both the San Francisco 49ers and Indianapolis Colts are in search of a jump start as they enter the second quarter of the NFL season. Each team enters Sunday's Week 5 matchup badly in need of a win.

The Colts are coming off of a 46-17 loss to the Seattle Seahawks in which the game got out of hand in the second half. Meanwhile, San Francisco is looking for a breakthrough following three-straight losses determined by three points or less.

Take a look at what members of the Colts are saying ahead of Sunday's contest:

Offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski on the 49ers defense:

"They present similar challenges (to Week 4 opponent, Seattle Seahawks). It's a similar style of defense. They're going to load up some unique challenges that they present.  And some of the personnel issues that they have in our matchups and so forth. Outstanding up front. Real big powerful strong defensive line, with a number of guys, high draft picks and some young players and a good mix that will present some challenges for us. Outstanding linebacker group. Their whole front seven is a great group. (NaVorro Bowman) has been playing for such a long time. (Reuben Foster), a young player. They've got some exciting players on defense. Jimmie Ward is an excellent safety on the back end and they have a solid secondary. So, it will be a real challenge for us."

Defensive coordinator Ted Monachino on the 49ers offense:

"They have a really dangerous tailback and a quarterback that can spin it and get hot. We know that. We've seen that before. It's going to be really important that we get him moving and play tight coverage behind it. They've got three tight ends where they all have a good set of skills. They can all run and they can all catch. So, it's going to be really important how we line our guys in the game and get into the right matchups."

Monachino on RB Pierre Garçon:

"We've got our work cut out for us because we've got another strong, tough, violent back that's going to come in here on Sunday. I know that he's watched the tape (against Seattle), and he feels like he can probably expose some guys on our defense. I know we've got our work cut out for us."

Special Teams Coordinator Tom McMahon on the 49ers specialists:

"Their specialists are very, very good. (Robbie Gould has) had a great career, and he's just taken off this year, having another great year. His field goals, he's doing a great job. And his onsides are very, very good. He hit one against the Rams early on this year that put them right back in that game and gave them a chance to win. So, he's got a great skill set. (Bradley Pinion) is having as good of a year as you could imagine. He's kicking off and he's punting. He's doing exactly what we ask (Colts punter Rigoberto Sanchez) to do. And his net I believe is 44.3, around there. So, he's one of the top guys in the league. He's a directional guy – he pins you in to the rectangle. So, it's one of those deals where we're kind of playing the same guy that we've got on our team. They're both having good years. One thing that these guys have is their snapper, (Kyle Nelson). He's special. He's a guy that you have to block on punt. Rarely do you have to block the snapper. This guy gets a lot of tackles. He's the first guy down the field. He picks. He doesn't give a lot of stuff away pre-snaps. They've got some pretty special guys."

McMahon on the 49ers punt and kick returners:

"You look at their returners, Victor Bolden Jr. is killing back there as a kick returner. He's got burst. He's got courage. Doesn't play like a guy that's 5-foot-8, 170lbs. He plays big, but he plays with great speed. And then (Trent Taylor), I think he's 12 yards per return, third in the league. He's got great run skill. He does one thing that's kind of upper level in this league. He gets under the ball very, very fast. So, he can see everything that's coming. Doesn't take a lot of time to track. So, we've got to get him on the ground."

RB Frank Gore on what to expect facing the 49ers:

"They're tough. They've got a tough defense. They play very hard. If you watch the film, they don't look like an 0-4 team. So, we've got to go out and play four quarters and we should be fine."

Gore on the facing the 49ers defense:

"It should be fun. Looking at the team, they've got a lot of young guys who have a lot of potential. Especially on the defensive side of the ball. The defense plays really good football. I think it should be fun."

Gore on Hyde:

"When he's healthy, he's one of the top in the league. This year he's doing great. He plays very hard. I watched his Seattle tape. I think he's one of the bright spots of the offense. He's putting a lot on his shoulders and he's a very young back. He just has to continue working hard. As long as he stays healthy he's going to do what he do. And I'm happy for him."

Gore's outlook on the 49ers:

"I think they're going in the right direction. They really play tough. I like their coaching staff. I like what they're doing on offense. And their defense their d-line plays very hard. Bowman is still playing football. (Jaquiski Tartt) is around the ball a lot. (Eric Reid) was looking like his rookie year when he was with us. I like their d-line. I think they're going to be alright. I think (49ers CEO Jed York) did a good job at picking the guys he did to run the team. They're going to be okay."

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