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What Are the Cardinals Saying About the 49ers?

The San Francisco 49ers kick off their first of three-straight road games against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. The Cardinals are looking to bounce back following a disappointing loss against the Dallas Cowboys on "Monday Night Football".

As both teams prepare for the weekend's divisional matchup, take a look at what the Cardinals locker room is saying about the 49ers:

Head coach Bruce Arians on facing San Francisco on a short week:

"This is one heck of a defensive line. Young, all first-round picks, and they'll be a great challenge for us."

Arians on Pierre Garçon and the season he's having so far:

"Stopping the run is always number one with us, and he has always been a challenge because he's a big back, but he's got really light feet and can jump cut. He's powerful, runs behind his pads. He, again like (Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott) will be a heck of a challenge."

Arians on Pierre Garçon:

San Francisco and Arizona have faced off 51 times. Here are the best shots from the teams' meetings.

"I like Brian. He's very smart, fairly accurate and didn't have him very long, but was always impressed with the type of quarterback he is because he's a very cerebral quarterback that can beat you with his arm and his legs."

Offensive coordinator Harold Goodwin on the 49ers defensive line:

"Everybody's probably licking their chops to get to my offensive line right now. They're a little bit taller and a little bit more shiftier actually than I think Dallas is. If you look at the tape, they don't really twist a whole lot. They're trying to get to the quarterback in one-on-one type situations. So, it's going to be a big challenge for us."

QB Carson Palmer on the 49ers defense:

"The front seven jumps off the screen very, very quickly. Three top ten picks. Everybody can rush the passer. Everybody is a problem in the run game. And then you add NaVorro Bowman into the mix, who I've felt for a long time is one of the best linebackers in this league. He's one of the best linebackers I've played against. And I've played against some really good ones. Ray-Ray Armstrong looks really good, really fast, really athletic. And there's speed on the back end. It's a very good defense. You don't look at the record, or you don't factor in the record what so ever. It's a very, very good group, and it starts up front with them."

CB Patrick Peterson on facing San Francisco:

"This is a very, very good football team. You can't look past this football team. Probably the best 0-3 football team I've seen in a while."

Peterson on Shanahan:

"Kyle Shanahan does a great job of game planning for whoever that he's playing. He does a great job of mixing up personnel, giving you a multiple of different looks as far as routes. They may look the same, but he's going to give you every route tree."

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