What 49ers CEO Jed York Said at Super Bowl XLIX

  • In his interview, CEO Jed York mentioned new members of the team's coaching staff. The organization will make a formal announcement regarding the staff next week.*

A year from now, the party will be in Santa Clara.

As a part of this week's build-up to Super Bowl XLIX in Glendale, Ariz., San Francisco 49ers CEO Jed York spoke with NFL Network on Friday morning about a range of issues.

Hosting Super Bowl 50 at Levi's® Stadium in 2016

"Organized chaos. That's the biggest thing. You have to hope for good weather, which is out of our control.

"But everything we can is to make sure we bring a great community together, have great food, have great wine, have great entertainment and just let the Bay Area sell itself."

New Coaching Staff

"We're here to win championships, and I don't expect to skip a beat.

"We're keeping a lot of continuity from the (2014) staff that has had a lot of success."

**Offseason Player Movement

"Our position has always been try to re-sign your own (players) and not be big spenders in free agency. I think there's some great (pending free agents) that we'd love to have back, and those our conversations that we're going to have and details that we're going to figure out over the next couple of months."

Offensive Philosophy

"You're going to see a lot of intensity, a lot of competition from us. We're going to put our players in positions to make plays."

Kaepernick in Progress

"Kap is an unbelievable player. He's a young guy that continues to need to grow and mature, but we all do. Look at Anquan Boldin. He's going to work hard to get better in the offseason, and he's already a Hall of Famer. Frank Gore is the same way.

"How many quarterbacks in this league can run 90 yards for a touchdown? Not many. But you have to put Kap in a position where he can make those plays and where we can run the ball and throw the ball in ways that will allow him to be successful and let him be the absolute stud that he can be on the field. That's what you're going to see from us next year. Defenses are not going to want to play against us because you're not going to know where we're going to hit you."

Winning in 2015

"I expect to see a team every day that's going to work to improve. I'm not going to make any projections about where we're going to be. I think you all know very clearly what my opinion is (about) the only that's acceptable. I learned that from uncle. If you don't set your standards as high as they can possibly be, you will never achieve them."

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