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Welcome to 49ers Studios


"Tell me a fact and I will learn. Tell me a truth and I will believe, but tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever."

Those striking sentiments from Steve Sabol, the late American filmmaker and president of NFL Films, are as true today as the day he first spoke them. 

Sabol was the quintessential storyteller and a sports icon so unique, his vision and passion for the National Football League will never be matched.  Sabol's stories underlined his love for the game. He was instrumental in creating an unwavering appetite for professional football by bringing home-viewers closer to the action on the field. The fanatic feelings remain prevalent with those who viewed his extraordinary programs and even more so with the filmmakers who had the honor to have worked alongside of him, if even for a brief moment.

I was one of those fortunate people. 

I am one of the countless filmmakers that credit Sabol's brilliance and colorful personality for shaping my career. My love for filmmaking and storytelling has brought me to Northern California to continue what I set out to do nearly two decades ago. 

My name is Robert Alberino and I am the Executive Producer for your San Francisco 49ers.  I've joined the team this offseason with the intent on building a prolific and engaging in-house production group focused on sharing unique stories associated with the five-time Super Bowl champions.

I'm extremely proud to announce the creation of "49ers Studios," the leading source for compelling coverage of your favorite

team 365 days a year.

Following stints at NFL Films, the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs, I've come to the Bay Area to take on this unique opportunity presented to me by the 49ers front office. With Levi's® Stadium nearing completion with every passing day, the team gets closer to having an absolute technological gem for a stadium. The home venue will be so unique it can only be paired with a production team of equal distinction.   My goal is to match that spirit of excellence and reflect it in all things distributed digitally and socially by the 49ers.

Prior to accepting a position with the team, a candid conversation with 49ers president, Gideon Yu, defined what I am here to do. He revealed, simply, that he wants me to be the "chief storyteller" for the franchise and that is exactly what I intend to do. 

From the day I landed in San Francisco and made my way to the team's facility I felt the excitement around the team and the great responsibility that would come with carrying out ownership's vision for the 49ers. After joining San Francisco's front office, I planted my feet in my office, rolled up my sleeves and went right to work. Collaborating with a talented group of producers and writers that has already brought you close to the team, I've used my experience to strengthen our team.  Emmy Award winners, social media experts and talented writers are only a few of the people that will round out the "49ers Studios" crew.  

                                    [WATCH - 49ERS STUDIOS PRESENTS: CAMP IN MOTION ]

We've begun creating unparalleled content for the 49ers Faithful. That continues with working on groundbreaking shows as well as a complete renaissance of  In 2014, to add to our list of properties, we have the privilege of overseeing gameday entertainment at Levi's® Stadium.  We've already taken steps to ensure that the visual experience at the stadium is of the highest quality by acquiring Sony 4k cameras that will take high-definition to another stratosphere.  Long before the massive 200 foot video screens are installed or the stadium is wired to be the most technologically sound venue on the planet, we are tirelessly working on what you will see, hear and feel when the 49ers take the field.

We have already traveled the country and begun production of the most compelling stories on your beloved team – the San Francisco 49ers.

We will also get closer to you through our digital and social channels.

We want to hear from you and understand what you are interested in and what stories you have to tell.  We welcome all mail – positive or not – and want to know the greatest stories you have to tell, moments you want to share, critiques you are willing to offer.

The 2013 season marks a new chapter in one of the most storied franchises in NFL history. But before we unveil our first productions, I ask, what does it mean for you to be a member of the Faithful?  To us, it means a great deal.  It means you will be closer to your team than you have ever been and it's our job to make it a reality.  From Candlestick Park to the team's headquarters at 4949 Marie P. DeBartolo Way, or from the friendly hometowns of the roster to enemy territory across the country, we will be with the team every step of the way.

With every day of training camp allowing us to get closer to the team, I can't help but feel the anticipation build. I'm in my office, coffee cup filled and a red polo on by back, excited to call the Bay Area my home, the 49ers my team and most importantly, I'm pumped to call myself a part of the Faithful.

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