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Vernon Davis Feels Well 48 Hours Post-concussion

Vernon Davis said he doesn't think the 49ers return trip to New Orleans after last season's Super Bowl defeat will have any bearing on the team's Week 11 matchup opposite the Saints.

"It's a whole other game. The situation is different," Davis said on Tuesday evening. "We're playing for a spot in the playoffs at the moment."

This time is dissimilar in another way: Davis isn't gauranteed to play.

In his first public comments since sustaining a concussion in Sunday's loss to the Carolina Panthers, the Pro Bowl tight end said he spent Tuesday on the exercise bike, in the weight room and going through team meetings. He and rookie safety Eric Reid, who also suffered a concussion in the game, said they were feeling well 48 hours later. Both would have to pass an NFL-mandated contact test on Thursday or Friday to be eligible to play on Sunday.

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Davis said he endured the hit to the side of his head when Panthers safety Mike Mitchell tackled him near the five-yard line on an incomplete pass play. His memory and balance felt fine postgame, and he had Reid to keep him company as the game proceeded without them.

"We just sat there watching the game" in the locker room, Davis said. "Anytime you're sitting back, whether it's on the sideline or you're watching the game on TV, it's pretty frustrating."

Davis said this concussion, which he termed "mild," felt less severe than the one he endured Dec. 23 at Seattle last season.

"I think it was a little less than that," he said.

As for the 49ers offense's struggles with him ruled out for the remainder of Sunday's game, Davis said a variety of factors could be at play beyond his own absence.

"I don't really look at it like that," said Davis, who has caught seven of Colin Kaepernick's nine touchdown passes this season. "I feel that if im not in there, we can still win a game. I don't think it's because of one man."

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