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Twitter Q&A: Phil Dawson's Dream Touchdown Celebration

What would San Francisco 49ers kicker Phil Dawson if he was able to get six points instead of three?

Would there be a ball spin like Stevie Johnson? Would he kiss his bicep like Colin Kaepernick? Would he do Michael Crabtree's Crab Shake?

As it turns out, all you have to do is find out is rewatch the Cleveland Browns 1999 season to see Dawson run for a touchdown on a fake field goal attempt.

That was one of the questions the NFC Special Teams Player of Week 5 answered in this week's Twitter Q&A.

I actually did score a touchdown in 1999. My holder pitched the ball to me and I ran it in. We had discussed what we were going to do, never practiced it. He was going to come follow me, I was going to toss him the ball and he was going to punt it out of the air. That's all we ever said. They called it in a game and we executed. He remembered and I remembered. I tossed it to him and he kicked it up in the stands. We both got fined by the NFL, but it was awesome.

DAWSON: The thing a lot of people don't know or haven't considered is his whole career, he's held for left-footed kickers – Joe Nedney, David Akers. Then, I came along and he flipped over. You have opposite hands doing opposite things. You never would have known. It's tremendous for a guy to be able to hold either way and he's done a great job. Early on, I think it affected all of us. We were all trying to figure out what to do. When you kick a ball, your plant foot is very important. Since they've made the changes, the field has been very playable. I've been able to have a consistent plant and know what to expect on a weekly basis.

DAWSON: Quarterback for sure. I played a lot of different positions when I was in high school. I never got to play quarterback. I told my boys that when I'm done playing, I'm going to join an adult 7-on-7 league and I'm going to be a quarterback. That way I can say I played quarterback at one time in my life.

DAWSON: Probably Lambeau Field. I'm a big history guy. The tunnel, when you leave the locker room, you walk down a really narrow hallway and you think of all the players who have come through there. It's also a tremendous atmosphere, a family atmosphere. That's unique for an NFL environment.

Kicking chose me. I didn't really want to be a kicker. In middle school when the coahes were looking for someone to kick, some of my buddies who I played soccer with said, "Phil, you need to go try this." It came natural and I went to a few camps. It became pretty obvious that if I was going to play after high school, that was going to be my opportunity. I've just been grinding ever since.

DAWSON: I think I've made a few over 70 yard – 73 and 74. Conditions have to be just right on those. Hopefully I can make whatever the coaches send me out before in a game.

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