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Torrey Smith: I Can Help Colin Kaepernick

Torrey Smith knows Colin Kaepernick quite well.

In fact, the recently signed San Francisco 49ers wide receiver let it be known that he fully supports his new quarterback.

And, Smith has only been on the 49ers roster for less than a day.

The former Baltimore Ravens wideout, who signed a five-year contract with San Francisco on Wednesday, said he's eagerly anticipating his on-field debut with Kaepernick in 2015. The two already have a history together. Besides training together last offseason in Miami, they've watched each other compete in college, as well as NFL preseason, training camp practices, and of course, Super Bowl XLVII.

"I've run routes with Kap before," Smith said. "It's not my first time catching passes from him. It'll be my first time in a game."

So with previous knowledge of Kaepernick's ability, Smith made the decision to catch passes from Kaepernick as a teammate.

By the sound of it, Smith is eager for that process to begin. The new 49ers pass-catcher and his 16.9-yard career average per reception total figure to help Kaepernick's long-term success as well.

"I'm looking forward to getting out there in real action," Smith said. "I don't think people really appreciate his talents. I know he has a very strong arm. Hopefully I can help him capitalize on that, and I know we will."

Smith knew of Kaepernick during their college years when the receiver was a redshirt freshman playing Nevada in the 2008 Humanitarian Bowl, a game won by Smith's Maryland Terrapins.

The wide receiver put ink to paper on a five-year deal to play for San Francisco.

"He probably had his best game ever," Smith joked. "I watched him since then, and I knew he was a ball-player... He's a great player, I'm comfortable with him, he has a strong arm and I can run. That's a good combination. I hope to help him out and take some pressure off him."

Kaepernick enters the 2015 season, his third year as San Francisco's starter, looking to lead his team back to the playoffs. Last year's 8-8 season led to sweeping changes in the coaching staff, and now with Smith's arrival in the passing game.

With Smith in the fold as San Francisco's other starting wideout, opposite of veteran Anquan Boldin, the 49ers have secured two former Ravens receivers to help the offense reach new heights this coming season.

Smith now presents a deep-ball option to help open up intermediate routes for the likes of Boldin and tight end Vernon Davis.

Smith, however, doesn't want to be considered only as a home-run option.

"I can do a little bit of everything," he said. "I'm always going to be known as a deep threat. I get that label because I can do it, I look at it like (Golden State Warriors point guard) Steph Curry, he's great at shooting threes. That doesn't mean he can't do a layup or have a mid-range. That's just how all people are going to think of him, as a great shooter, but he's an overall great player. I feel like I can do a little bit of everything and it's allowed me to continue to grow and work, which I still need to do.

If the 49ers signed the Steph Curry of NFL wideouts, Kaepernick will surely be a happy man himself.

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