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Torrey Smith: 'Anquan Boldin is a Hall of Famer'

Torrey Smith told reporters on Tuesday that seeing Anquan Boldin grab his 1,000th career reception was one of his favorite moments this season.

"That was pretty cool because I've seen a lot of those," Smith said. "It's history."

Smith has witnessed 186 of Boldin's 1,004 catches. The two played together with the Baltimore Ravens from 2011-12 before joining forces again with the San Francisco 49ers in 2015.

The team's free-agent acquisition this past offseason has frequently credited Boldin for mentoring him when Smith first entered the league as a second-round pick. Smith's admiration for his friend, however, extends to Boldin's well-documented success on the gridiron as well.

Boldin currently ranks 17th on the all-time receiving list with 13,124 yards. He has also caught 73 career touchdowns.

"Everyone knows Anquan is a Hall of Famer," Smith said. "He may even have something bigger coming - the Man of the Year (Award), which is probably bigger than football. I'd love to see him win that too.

"We're gonna riot out here if he doesn't."

Smith gave a modest response when asked what his statistical hopes are for his own career in comparison to Boldin's.

"You just play," he said. "We play different, too. He's in the slot a lot more so he's going to get a lot of volume. I think for me, it's about catching all of them that come your way. That's the goal, and then you see where you're at when it's all said and done."

The fifth-year receiver out of Maryland did have a much more blunt response when asked to assess his first season in San Francisco.

"Terrible," Smith said." I have high expectations for myself, and I didn't reach any of my goals. It was a horrible season. (It's been) very fun, being with the guys, and I've enjoyed my time here. (But) as far as the individual, I have very high expectations for myself and I can look at my numbers alone and see that it's not where it should be."

Smith currently has 28 receptions for 602 yards and four touchdowns on the year. That said, Smith's opportunities to make plays have been sparse compared to previous campaigns. Smith has just 54 targets this season, an average of 3.6 per game.

This will be Smith's first NFL season with fewer than 90 targets. Regardless, you won't see Smith point any fingers.

"I didn't make the most of every opportunity," Smith said. "All I can focus on is what I can control. There were plays that I didn't make, and I put a few on the ground. I know statistically, it's not where I want to be.

"It all starts with me looking at myself in the mirror and saying, 'Did I make the most out of every opportunity?' And the answer to that is 'No.'"

A matchup against the St. Louis Rams in Week 17 represents a chance for Smith and his teammates to end the season on a posiive note.

"I do want to finish strong, and that means us winning," Smith said. "It's not about me individually."

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