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Top Quotes from the 49ers 16-13 Loss to the Texans

A late touchdown in the final minute from Joe Webb to Vyncent Smith gave the Houston Texans the 16-13 win over the San Francisco 49ers in Week 2 of the preseason. Jimmy Garoppolo led the 49ers on a 10-play, 78-yard opening drive that was capped off with a 2-yard touchdown to Trent Taylor.

San Francisco's quarterback finished the game 10-of-12 passing for 136 yards, one touchdown and an interception bounced off the hands of Dante Pettis. The team was also marred by 15 costly penalties. Check out some of the top post game quotes from the head coach and a few notable 49ers players following Saturday's contest.

Kyle Shanahan on giving the starters extended reps against the Texans:

"We got two practices in this week versus them. I wanted them to have around 20 plays, so I didn't know if it was going to be two drives or three drives. I think they finished up with 22. I just wanted them to get going more. I don't think our execution was great in the first game. I didn't think it was great in this game either. I just wanted to give them more time to play."

Shanahan on the 49ers 15 penalties:

"Extremely disappointing. There was way too many penalties. We'll look at each one individually. Some you can control, some you can't. Always the pre-snap penalties bother me the most. There's definitely some in there, especially the one on (Weston) Richburg, things that really hurt us. They're unacceptable."

Jimmy Garoppolo on his opening drive touchdown pass to Trent Taylor:

"They played man. They had good coverage down there. Trent (Taylor) was later in my progression and everything, so he had a little longer to get open. He kept running across the back of the end zone. I am assuming he ran a great route off the bat, I didn't really see it. He does a great job down there getting open."

Garoppolo on his trust in Marquise Goodwin:

"Yeah, I try to put it out there, but my arm actually got hit when I threw it so it came up a little short it seemed. He's so fast that I feel like I can throw as far as I can and he's going to go get it somehow. It's unbelievable."

Trent Taylor on his first game back from injury:

"Yeah. Just kind of day-by-day I can feel my legs starting to get stronger and get my legs back under me. So, it's always good to feel improvement as you work. So, I still have a little way to go but it definitely felt great being out there tonight and having my first catch as a TD. So, nothing really to complain about there."

Taylor on his comfortability since his back surgery:

"Yeah, it's not something that I ever think about while I'm out there. I know I just have to go out there and get some reps in and get the feel of it again and I'll be back to normal."

Sheldon Day on the 49ers system fitting his skill set:

"I would say with this system they're using my versatility more. Coach Sal (Robert Saleh) is always trying to find ways to use me and I appreciate him for doing that."

Joshua Garnett on his first game since 2016:

"It felt fine. It's been a long road to getting back out there since the Seahawks game, the last game of the year, my rookie year. So, it's definitely a great feeling to get back out there with the boys and mix it up. Got a lot of things to improve on, but I felt good just being out there and being able to get the reps and kind of proving to myself – I played half the game. So, I feel like knee feels great, knee feels fine, didn't have any hiccups. So, I feel like that's a big stepping stone, milestone for me."

Garnett on benefitting from the 49ers and Texans joint practices:

"Oh yeah, definitely have been. It was really good to be able to get two padded practices against another team. So, obviously, the joint practices are going to be a little harder and it's going to be a little more physical. So, it was good to get out there and mix it up with the guys after taking a little bit of time off and being able to do that and then get a solid amount of reps in the game."