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Tim Lugo, Saratoga High School, Awarded Week 3 Coach of the Week


The San Francisco 49ers Charlie Wedemeyer Memorial Coach of the Week award for week three goes to Tim Lugo from Saratoga High School in Saratoga, CA.

Saratoga Head Coach, Tim Lugo, was more than satisfied with his team's effort in Friday night's 29-13 win over visiting Piedmont Hills, and who can blame him? After opening the season with a heartbreaking loss, the Falcons put together an impressive, complete win week three as they continued to bounce back. They were tested early, but their composed demeanor and unwavering resiliency shone brightly Friday night.

"We came out strong, but then tried to do a little too much and turned the ball over a lot. But the guys drew it back and did a good job of getting settled in before the half," said Head Coach Tim Lugo. 

Despite being down by a score of 13-9 when they headed to the locker room, the Falcons did not panic.

Saratoga took a look at the film during halftime to see what they had in front of them. They noticed that defensively, their line was able to get pressure. They were getting to the quarterback with strictly their front four, and maybe they could dial back the blitzing. The Falcons' secondary was confident in that locker room that they could match up man-to-man, and Coach Lugo was all-ears.

"They felt they could match up with their receivers man-to-man, and they sure did. They had one fantastic second half," praised Coach Lugo.

"And it's not like we played a team that doesn't throw the ball," said Lugo. "That is a good football team we played. They are a great football team."

The Falcons' defense only allowed the Pirates to complete four passes the entire second half. The play of the defensive line and the pressure they were able to apply also played a huge role in their second half shutout, racking up seven total sacks.

Saratoga also made offensive adjustments during halftime based on what they were being given. They committed to running the ball more, which in turn allowed them to open up their playbook offensively.

The Falcons offense came out hot, propelled by a 50-yard bomb to junior wide receiver Harrison Fong for a huge, momentum-changing touchdown to put Saratoga up 16-13.

From there on, it was all Falcons with an offense operating flawlessly, led by the run game of their backs, and a relentless defense that could simply not be stopped.

Saratoga Head Coach Tim Lugo was exceptionally complimentary of his players' efforts in Friday night's win, and commended them for their ability to remain resilient throughout it all.

"We lost a really tough one opening game….they were absolutely heartbroken. But they really bounced back these last two weeks. I am really just proud of the boys. I'm really proud of their efforts and how resilient they have become," said the 2-1 coach.

Lugo has been head coach at Saratoga for eight seasons now, but that's far from his only role at the high school. The head coach is going into his sixth school year as athletic director and teaches ninth grade health.

As our Coach of the Week, Tim Lugo will receive a $1,000 grant for the Saratoga High School football program from the 49ers Foundation.  As part of this award, he will also receive two tickets to a 49ers home game where he will be recognized on the field. The week prior to the game, Coach Lugo will be invited to the visit the SAP Performance Facility to watch a closed practice where 49ers head coach Chip Kelly will officially present him with his award. Coach Lugo will also be featured on Cal-Hi Sports during their programming this weekend.

Congratulations, Coach Lugo, and thank you for all you do for the high school community!

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