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Three-Way Race


Head coach Mike Nolan said that if anything had become more in focus this weekend in regards to the 49ers starting quarterback competition, it was that J.T. O'Sullivan deserves to be in the mix.

"You know what, I'll say this, probably the biggest impression that I got out of the quarterback position is that it is probably going to be a three-man race rather than just two," said Nolan. "I think J.T. O'Sullivan as it goes is going to be in the thick of it. So, I'm excited about that. That makes it all the tougher, but as we all well know as was evidenced last year by our football team, one quarterback doesn't typically get it done. You need to have more than that and have more depth."

Nolan said that he would have to talk it over with his staff, but that O'Sullivan would likely see more reps with the first-team unit once the team comes back together for OTA's in June.

"In order to call that a three-man race, some of that has to happen," said Nolan.

When asked how he felt about being singled out by the head coach, O'Sullivan downplayed the news.

"My response is nothing changes," said O'Sullivan. "I go out there and prepare as hard as I can and as well as I can and go from there. I'm strictly concerned with my preparation. I need to prepare for these OTAs and from there for camp and the preseason. At this point in the off-season, it's about getting this offense going and for me personally, playing quarterback as well as I can."

O'Sullivan, a journeyman quarterback who has spent time with seven other NFL teams, has the luxury of having been with offensive coordinator Mike Martz last year in Detroit where he appeared in five games.

"He has an excellent chance, no question about it," said Martz. "If Mike said any one of the three is going to be your quarterback, I'd be glad. With J.T., I think his ability to absorb what we do and understand it. He is very accurate, very quick with the ball and sees things very well. He just needs to develop and he's not had a whole lot of playing time."

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