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The #KaepernickingWorldwide Movement

Colin Kaepernick's signature touchdown celebration has reached new heights...literally. Share your photos with #KaepernickingWorldwide.

Colin Kaepernick's signature touchdown celebration has gone global.

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback's unique pose isn't confined to NFL end zone's any longer as 49ers fans have joined in to take it to a new level.

We celebrate the San Francisco signal-caller's signature celebration by remembering each kiss of the bicep.

Can you "Kaepernick" at the Taj Mahal like @ArlisBarba? Climb the Italian Alps like @thesili? You certainly can't find a taller building for Kaepernicking than @vodiejo.

The #KaepernickingWorldwide movement has officially begun.

Now it's your turn to join in.

It's simple. Find a scenic spot across the globe, snap your photo and post it on Twitter or Instagram. You can even repurpose #Kaepernicking photos from past vacations.

Your photo may even get retweeted or end up in our photo gallery.

#Kaepernickingworldwide from the Italian Alps @Kaepernick7 @49ers — Andrea Silimbani (@the_sili) July 11, 2014

#kaepernickingworldwide Chichen Itza — Rudy Hernandez (@RudyH8) July 11, 2014

#KaepernickingWorldwide is @mlaurel29 from the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa in Dubai. @Kaepernick7 @49ers — Jodie (@vodiejo) July 11, 2014

#Kaepernickingworldwide. Rio de Janeiro/BR. #WorldCup2014. @Kaepernick7. Go Niners #49ers @49ers — Cristiano Dias Tito (@Cdtito) July 11, 2014

#Kaepernickingworldwide At world wonder Petra in the Jordanian desert @Kaepernick7 @49ers — Kal™ (@Nimreezy) July 11, 2014

....and @lisaalberino1 #KaepernickingWorldwide w her @Kaepernick7 shirt. — Robert G Alberino Jr (@robert_alberino) July 12, 2014

@49ers Kapernicking at St Barbara's cathedral in Kutna Hora, Czech Republic — Beth Schlosberg (@beth5343) July 12, 2014

@Kaepernick7 @49ers #Kaepernickingworldwide in Rio at the World Cup — Zak Benhakuma (@Benhakuma) July 12, 2014

@49ers Sunrise at Mt. Bromo, Indonesia (Jan 2012) #kaepernickingworldwide — Isaac Berniker (@IBerniker) July 12, 2014

@49ers: #Kaepernickingworldwide all the way from the broncos stadium! @Kaepernick7 — Susy Bran (@SusyBran) July 12, 2014

@49ers @Kaepernick7 #Kaepernickingworldwide from the Czech Republic! — Beth Schlosberg (@beth5343) July 12, 2014

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