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The History of the Ninth-overall Pick

With the 2018 NFL Draft just a day away, it's a good time to revisit the San Francisco 49ers nine total picks. The 49ers draft order was set following a tie breaker with the Oakland Raiders at the NFL Combine in March. This is just the fifth time in franchise history the 49ers have held the ninth pick in the draft.

Here's a look at notable selections in NFL history from each of the 49ers picks.

Round 1, Ninth overall

Notable Ninth-overall Picks in NFL History: WR John Ross (2017, Cincinnati Bengals), LB Leonard Floyd (2016, Chicago Bears), T Ereck Flowers (2015, New York Giants), LB Anthony Barr (2014, Minnesota Vikings), LB Luke Kuechly (2012, Carolina Panthers), T Tyron Smith (2011, Dallas Cowboys), WR Tedd Ginn (2007, Miami Dolphins), LB Brian Urlacher (2000, Chicago Bears), RB Fred Taylor (1998, Jacksonville Jaguars), G Bruce Matthews (1983, Houston Titans) and LB Dick Butkus (1965, Chicago Bears).

Ninth-overall Picks in 49ers History: RB Wilbur Jackson (1974), DE Cedrick Harman (1970), RB Bernie Casey (1961), DT Charlie Krueger (1958) and RB Hugh McElhenny (1952).

Round 2, 59th overall

Notable 59th-overall Picks in NFL History: DE Tanoh Kpassagnon (2017, Kansas City Chiefs), K Roberto Aguayo (2016, Tampa Bay Buccaneers), T Jack Mewhort (2014, Indianapolis Colts), C Ryan Kalil (2007, Carolina Panthers) and DT Jonathan Babineaux (2005, Atlanta Falcons).

59th-overall Picks in 49ers History: LB Blanchard Montgomery (1983), T Len Rohde (1960), DB Billy Atkins (1958) and G Frank Mincevich (1954).

Round 3, 70th overall 

Notable 70th-overall Picks in NFL History: C Pat Elflein (2017, Minnesota Vikings), DE Bronson Kaufusi (2016, Baltimore Ravens), LB Justin Houston (2011, Kansas City Chiefs) and K Jason Elam (1993, Denver Broncos).

70th-overall Picks in 49ers History: C Marcus Martin (2014), WR Lee Murchison (1960) and C Jim Beasley (1952).

Round 3, 74th overall

Notable 74th-overall Picks in NFL History: DE Chris Wormley (2017, Baltimore Ravens), WR Terrance Williams (2013, Dallas Cowboys), QB Ryan Mallett (2011, New England Patriots), DE Justin Tuck (2005, New York Giants), WR Steve Smith (2001, Carolina Panthers), RB Curtis Martin (1995, New York Jets) and G Will Shields (1993, Kansas City Chiefs).

74th-overall Picks in 49ers History: RB Glen Coffee (2009), DT Wayne Baker (1975) and C Dan Rogers (1959).

Round 4, 128th overall

Notable 128th-overall Picks in NFL History: WR Josh Malone (2017, Cincinnati Bengals), DB Tre' Boston (2014, Carolina Panthers) and LB Larry Foote (2002, Pittsburgh Steelers).

128th-overall Picks in 49ers History: WR Quinton Patton (2013), DE Daryl Price (1996), RB Bob Cappadona (1965) and K Tommy Davis (1957).

Round 5, 143rd overall

Notable 143rd-overall Picks in NFL History: RB Marlon Mack (2017, Indianapolis Colts), RB DeAndre Washington (2016, Oakland Raiders), DB Josh Norman (2012, Carolina Panthers), DB Orlando Scandrick (2008, Dallas Cowboys) and LB Scott Fujita (2002, Kansas City Chiefs).

143rd-overall Picks in 49ers History: T Pete Williams (1958) and C Hal Easterwood (1954).

Round 6, 184th overall

Notable 184th-overall Picks in NFL History: S Nate Gerry (2017, Philadelphia Eagles), G Billy Shaw (1961, Dallas Cowboys) and DB Tom Landry (1947, New York Giants).

184th-overall Picks in 49ers History: TE Bear Pascoe (2009), RB Frank Andruski (1965), QB George Herring (1956) and RB Bob White (1951).

Round 7, 227th overall

Notable 227th-overall Picks in NFL History: LB Josh Carraway (2017, Tennessee Titans), WR Rishard Matthews (2012, Miami Dolphins), FB Peyton Hillis (2008, Denver Broncos) and QB Brad Johnson (1992, Minnesota Vikings).

227th-overall Picks in 49ers History: DB Jerry Brown (1972), DB Bobby Pate (1960), C Ronnie Mushatt (1958), T Bob Edmiston (1954) and T King DuClos (1953).

Round 7, 240th overall

Notable 240th-overall Picks in NFL History: FB Marquez Williams (2017, Jacksonville Jaguars) and LB Chuck Noll (1953, Cleveland Browns).

240th-overall Picks in 49ers History: RB Tony Cherry (1986) and E Leon Standridge (1965).

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