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The Best Draft Picks in San Francisco 49ers History

Some arguments can last a lifetime.

In this case, we don't have that much time. In reality, we only have a few days to debate which draft pick was the greatest of them all in the proud history of the San Francisco 49ers.

We toiled with ranking the top picks ever made by the club, but then again, how do you compare and contrast the contributions of Hall of Famers of the past or break down the merits of current contributors on the squad?

We're not touching that. (That's why there's such a thing as a comments section for internet articles).

We've compiled the most notable draft selections in team history in order of overall selection in the draft.

Feel free to tell us why we're wrong or who we've forgotten.

A look at some of the greatest draft selections ever made by the San Francisco 49ers.

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See you then.

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