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Teams Talk: Walker on Indianapolis



Each week will feature a column dedicated to special teams and those who play on them. These teamers will share their breakdowns of the upcoming opponent and give you some insight on some aspects of special teams you might not be too familiar with. In the seventh Teams Talk installment of the 2009 season, tight end Delanie Walker shares his thoughts on Sunday's matchup with the Indianapolis Colts. **

Special teams are such an important part of our game plan and I enjoy being a part of our coverage teams in particular. It's fun to go full-speed down the field and then try and make a tackle.

Really, I look at it as anything I can do to help the team out; I will do it. Whether that's on offense catching the ball or going on special teams and making tackles. I love doing it. Everybody on our special teams unit are great guys. They go out and give their best because that's their starting position.

We have fun doing it too.

When we're out there we're competitive over who's going to make the tackle. I'm always trying my hardest to make sure I'm the first guy to the ball carrier. It's all love out there between the guys, helping each other out, we don't really care who makes the tackle just as long as it's done.

Back in my younger days, I played linebacker in high school. I liked to tackle. Then in college, I didn't get the chance as much so I'm just starting to get my mindset back to being a "beast" again.

As far as this Sunday goes, the Colts kickoff return team is a middle wedge team. Their return man, Chad Simpson, is a running back who's a short guy (5-9, 216) with nice feet.

He breaks a lot of tackles. We just have to run down there and play our game. All 11 guys have to do their job. When we hit him; strip the ball and wrap up – the signature 49ers tackle.

With our return game, we're going to hit them in the mouth. We're going to play power football, because they like to run around blocks.

They have a lot of veterans on their team, especially with their two kickers that they have on the team.  Adam Vinatieri knows what he's doing, just look at his track record alone. He's been injured, so they brought in Matt Stover who's been around for a long time as well.  

We have to be ready for everything this week.

They are going to be ready for us, even though they're undefeated. They know we've lost a couple of times heading into the game and are going to try and give it to them. I'm pretty sure whatever we're bringing, they're going to try and match and bring it too.

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