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Team Issued: Loving the W


Every Monday throughout the season, will ask a different player to break down Sunday's game in this Team Issued column. Even though it was a "Win Monday" and players were not required to come in, was still able to track down running back Frank Gore to get his review of the 49ers dominant win over the Lions.I watched film when I first came in this morning. I think we did well, but in watching the film, we still have got a lot of room to get better. We're going to try to get better and we're going to try and do what we're really capable of doing in the weeks to come.

Getting over 100 yards in a single game felt great, but the thing I was most happy about was the overall play of everybody, offense, defense and special teams. It was fun, especially from the fact that in our first two games we came out with turnovers and started off slow. Yesterday, everybody seemed like we were on the same page. That's the most important thing I'm happy about.

I like to look at the film to see what mistakes I made and to see what I have got to do to get better for the next game. When I watched the film, I wished I could've had two of my runs back. I felt like I could have done more on them. One was the short yardage one, when I thought I was out of there and I didn't see the dude on the side of me. Not the one by the goal line, but the middle of the field. I wished I could have had that one back. On the third and one play, if Alex Lewis hadn't stopped me, I think I would have gone for the score, and probably would have finished with over 200 yards. Still, I'm happy with the overall play. That's the main thing. We got a W and we have made a lot of improvements. We're a lot better than we have been in a while. Just seeing the offense move the ball up and down the field, it's fun.

In the first quarter, I had a big cutback run. On that play, I saw when I got through the line everybody flowing over the top and my guard Adam Snyder was in front of me. He put his guy across and I just cut underneath his block.

On my touchdown run in the second quarter, my offensive line really got on their guys, and they did a great job and I just read them. I cut up underneath them and got in the end zone.

On one play against the Lions, I was lined up as a slot receiver and I was able to make a catch. That's something I like doing, because it shows people that I can do everything, block, catch and also run.

I also was pleased with my help in pass protection. I take pride in that, because I feel that if you want to be an all-around back, you have got to do all three things. Just like when I'm running the ball, I put everything into it. I'm just trying to keep learning and keep getting better on everything in my game.

It was fun seeing eight different receivers catch a pass from JT against the Lions. It just shows that everybody is on the same page. Coach Martz tells us every day at practice to work on the small things and everybody is doing that. If we just keep doing it, we're going to be alright. We just have to keep listening and believing our coaches.

I think our special teams really did a great job against the Lions. They come to play every week. My boy Mike Rob, the captain, he has those boys ready. Coach Al, he does a great job coaching his guys and getting them in the right spots.

And then I have to mention our defense and the way they played – I loved it.

I had no concerns with them going up against Calvin Johnson or Roy Williams. Walt Harris is a veteran and my boy Nate, Lockdown, he's so competitive, and he looks forward to the big games like that. That's when he plays his best. Mark Roman, Michael Lewis, I think all of them, when they have a big challenge outside, that's when they play their best.

I'm really happy with the overall play of all three phases. We played a great game, especially the offensive side of the ball with no turnovers.

The game was a lot of fun, and I'm just happy. I can't keep the smile off of my face.

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