Super Performance by the 49ers Faithful


After pacing nervously during the blackout, and throughout the second half of the Super Bowl, I decided to find my lucky spot behind the goal posts in an end zone seat. There, I found something very special … the most phenomenal Niners fans ever.


Together, we shared the highs and lows of that hard-fought game. Side by side, we gave it everything we had in support of our 49ers. The passion and energy the Faithful brought that Sunday warrants special recognition.

As I look back on the season, I feel a great sense of pride in the effort our team and fans brought to each and every game. Just as we shared the painful feeling of that loss, we now share the great hope and anticipation a new season presents.

I want to send a loud and spirited shout out to all those tremendous Niners fans I met in New Orleans. At the same time, I would like thank all the 49ers Faithful I hope to be cheering alongside in the years to come.

Go Niners!


Denise DeBartolo York

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