Steve Young Pays Tribute To Lon Simmons

In this melancholy Niners Daily, we turn the mic over to one of the greatest players in San Francisco 49ers history as he reflects on the passing of a beloved Bay Area sports figure.

Late in the fourth quarter of an October game in 1988, the 49ers faced a 21-17 deficit at the hands of the Minnesota Vikings, who boasted the league's top-ranked defense.

With less than two minutes remaining, Steve Young took the snap, looked to his left, pump faked, spun into a crowded line of scrimmage and emerged the other side with some room to run. 

At least five defenders had a shot at bringing down Young, but the elusive quarterback made them all miss en route to a chaotic, yet poetic 49-yard game-winning touchdown run.

Famed broadcaster Lon Simmons' iconic call of the play gave the scramble a fitting soundtrack that has lived on for nearly three decades.

"Young, back to throw. In trouble, he's going to be sacked. No! Gets away. He runs. Gets away again! Goes to the 40. Gets away again! To the 35. Cuts back at the 30, to the 20, the 15, the 10, he dives... Touchdown 49ers!"

Simmons passed away on Sunday at the age of 91. The subject of the celebrated sound bite, like so many others, expressed his sadness at the loss.

"Lon's call of my run helped make it special and memorable," Young told Matt Maiocco of "His voice was always both comforting and authoritative. Whatever Lon said, you trusted. To one of the most beloved and respected in the 49er family, rest in peace."

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