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Staley's Rookie Diary, Tough Times


Check out Joe Staley's most recent rookie diary entry where he discusses Seattle, tough times, and small sized cameras.

Seattle is an amazing city. I'd love to spend a weekend there at some point. It reminded me a lot of Chicago. We went to Bungie, the company that makes the video game Halo. We got to get a tour of their facility, and then they had a room where they test their video games so we got to play against all of the creators of the video game. I was terrible, and I got smoked. Adam Snyder on the other hand was crushing the people who created the game. I think he's kind of a nerd actually, and it weirded me out that he was doing so well because it really made me wonder how much time he spends playing video games.

I can't really say too much about the game because as you all know, I really think losing absolutely sucks.

I've never gone through something like this before in my high school or college career so it's really frustrating. You really have to fight hard to stay positive and keep the right mind frame, but that's what I'm going to do because I think a positive outlook is the only way to get out of this.

There are definitely guys who are leaders on our team who are taking charge. Trent Dilfer came out to practice Wednesday and really set the tone for practice. He's been in the league a long time and he's been through tough times and I think he's helping to motivate everyone in the building.

Even though I'm a rookie I want to go out and show that I'm busting my butt and practicing hard. I'm not the most vocal guy but I hope people can see that I'm working hard and get something from me too.

Coach says this to us all the time and he said it again this week, "Tough times don't last but tough people do." I think that's very true and it's something to hold on to.

I watched The Office last Thursday, and it was another great episode. I heard a rumor that because of the writer's strike that they are the first show to have cut production, and I'm kind of upset over that. That's really the only show I have on television right now to watch. I do like House, but I just never remember when it's on. That's a problem with me. I really need to start using Tivo. I don't know what my deal is but I always go out and buy or order all of this cool stuff to make life easier, but I just never use them.

My mom just told me that she's coming out for the Minnesota game, and I'm very excited about that. One of the hard things about living so far away is that you miss your family and friends. I haven't seen my mom since we played Pittsburgh so I'm glad she's coming. She said she's going to do all of the mother things, cook me all of these meals, make sure that my apartment is clean, etc. I think she'll be surprised that I've actually kept it pretty clean, so I'm mostly excited for her to cook. She's a good cook. She makes these salmon patties (I know that sounds gross but it's not), mashed potatoes and all of that stuff. I'm really going to miss her Thanksgiving meal next week because that is always very good.

On Tuesday I didn't really do anything. I headed into the office early and got some treatment and watched the game film with Snyder and then he went with me because I wanted to buy a new camera. I'm a big picture guy. I had a camera that my parents bought me for Christmas, a very nice one, but it's big and it's not like I'm going to go out and carry a fanny pack or something to take it with me. So, I got one that can fit in my pocket. Snyder and I went out to lunch afterwards and then I just sat around the house the rest of the day.

On a normal week I use Monday as my relaxing day and usually get a lot of errands done and clean on Tuesday but since the game was on Monday, I changed up my routine and just didn't do very much. I wanted to be well rested for Wednesday's practice and the start of the preparation for Sunday's game against the Rams.

Those guys are coming off a big win and I'm sure they are feeling a lot better than we are right now, which is why we need a win this Sunday. We really want to get back to winning games and feeling good again!

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