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Staley's Rookie Diary, Critters


Check out Joe Staley's most recent rookie diary entry where he discusses the Rams, a 49ers Booster Club, and his fear of little critters.

So one thing I'll talk about this week which I forgot about last week was that I had a really fun night out at Giovanni's over on Lawrence for a Booster Club meeting. I was a little skeptical about going, especially after so many losses, because I thought they might beat me up but they were extremely nice people. They were all very down to earth and they just asked me general questions.

I tried to be funny in all of my answers and I did get a lot of laughs which always boosts my confidence because I like to think I am a pretty funny guy. I also enjoyed the free food, naturally. Any time you get food for free it's a good day.

I was a little disappointed to learn that they hadn't been reading my column but I'm confident since I told them all about it, that they will soon correct that. My readership should now have jumped from two readers to about 50! Go ME!

I have got a nice big ugly looking cut on my nose, right on the bridge. I did it about four weeks ago but it opens up every week on Sundays. It's really improving my looks, and earned me the name of Rocky Balboa earlier this week.

I came across some old 90s commercials during my Saturday night You Tube watching routine. They were hysterical. It was all a bunch of old products and very amusing. Then I started watching some of these clips from some Disney movies – really just two actually – one from Jungle Book and one from the Little Mermaid, you know that song Under the Sea. I happen to have been a huge fan of all Disney movies when I was a little kid so I was fired up to watch those.

The game sucked. I hate talking about it. We did have our opportunities late in the game but we didn't make the plays. I got very frustrated when we didn't convert on a couple of short yardage situations. As a linemen, that's something we take pride in and we didn't get the line of scrimmage controlled. We really didn't get anything going in the run game which is troublesome because we expect more out of ourselves. Coach Warhop had to settle me down at one point because I did get a little mad and started screaming – not really at anyone specifically – just anyone who would listen. My dad said they showed a close-up of me looking all angry, so I apologize to anyone who can read lips.

I'm really bored all the time lately, like extremely. I really miss my friends. I keep thinking that I should start going surfing with Snyder and Nedney, but I'm really scared of the water. Every time I go to the beach I just get scared of the things that are in the water – like jellyfish. I mean even small fish in the ocean are really BIG fish and then there are sharks. I just know that the first time I go out there I'll be the one who gets attacked and loses a leg. It wouldn't even be a shark. I'd be the one person who gets attacked by a seal. I'm just scared of ocean critters. Actually, I'm even scared of other critters too – I don't like things that are out of the ordinary and just sort of happen upon you when you are out and about. Animals like, let's say a beaver, or snakes, mice, snapping turtles. Insects are okay and then house pets are okay, but otherwise, I find animals to be unpredictable.

Wow, after re-reading the last few paragraphs I really sound lame but oh well…

We're all going to David Baas' house for Thanksgiving. I'll probably be the only single guy there. I'm taking a Honey Baked Ham that is obviously store bought because I don't cook. Thanksgiving is my favorite meal of all time so I plan to stuff my face. I always get a ton of turkey, half a plate of mashed potatoes and then corn, and it has to be frozen corn, not out of the can. It's totally different trust me. So I make my plate with all of those items and then I pour gravy over everything, mix it all together and eat it and it's the best. I usually have about two or three plates and then I have pumpkin and apple pie, two slices of apple and one of pumpkin, warmed up with ice cream and then I go to bed.

So, that's the plan.

We've got Arizona this week. We've got to beat them. I don't care who their guys are. I just want to win – point blank, period.

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