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Staley's Musings: My New Blog


Tackle Joe Staley continues his blog at with a new name: ?Staley?s Musings: Random Thoughts from a Big Guy.? In this entry, Staley talks about his busy month off, his favorite Fourth of July memory and his trips to Lake Tahoe and his hometown of Rockford, Michigan.

First off, I?d like to give out my condolences to Steve McNair?s family, especially his wife and his children. Also, my condolences go out to the Tennessee Titans and Baltimore Ravens organizations. It?s a terrible tragedy what happened. He played in the NFL for a long time and was one of the great quarterbacks during that time.

I remember watching him as a kid and looking up to him for the toughness and leadership that he showed on the field. When I think of Steve, I think of the great Super Bowl he played in with the Titans. Although they came up a yard short of winning, I still remember how great of a game that was and how well he played on the final drive.

I know it?s been awhile since I?ve updated my blog ? I?ve just been busy this offseason. From minicamps to OTAs to hosting my show on TV49 ? I?ve had a lot on my plate. But really, it?s been a great offseason. Our team is looking great and we?re ready for the season to start.

I?m also excited about signing a contract extension with the team that will keep me in San Francisco until 2017. I think it?s very important if you are going to build a winning franchise to keep people around for an extended period of time ? that?s how you win games. So I?m excited to get the deal done and get ready for this upcoming season.

Now that I?ve been away from the team facility for a few weeks, I?ve done a lot in a short period of time.

I went up to Lake Tahoe for a week with Alex [Smith], Shaun [Hill], Adam [Snyder], Dave [Baas], [Eric] Heitmann and [Joe] Nedney along with their respective wives and girlfriends. We had such a great time together.  

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