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Here's a brief tidbit ...

It was really good to get a win obviously. We really didn't do anything different in terms of scheme. It was just a matter of everyone doing a great job executing. Our defense played really well and got a lot of turnovers and got us some good field position, and then we were able to take advantage of it.

It's fun to play when everything is clicking and you don't feel like the opposing team can stop anything you do. We felt like we could do anything, and it was a lot of fun just to kick someone's butt for a change.

I spiked the ball last time Shaun Hill scored, and I was actually laughing because I knew he was looking to pass it to someone, but nobody was paying attention. He pump faked about four times trying to get it to someone, and finally I think he yelled at Heitmann and he got it. I thought maybe I was going to get it again because I was the only one who was actually paying attention.

I thought it was awesome that Shaun won NFC Offensive Player of the Week. It's nice to get some positive pub for a change, instead of people talking bad about us. I really think Shaun has played well for us, and I'm excited for him to continue getting opportunities out there.

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