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Smith's 50 on 50: Jacksonville


Jacksonville is known as one of the biggest teams in the NFL, and that's what they tried to do, be more physical than us. I think we went out there and matched the physical game they were trying to play pretty well. There are some things we could have done a little bit better on to get the win, which is what you always go out there for. We should have held them to seven points instead of ten points, but you can't make excuses.

Bryant Young was a late-week decision to play, and I was happy he played. I always love having B.Y. out there on the field. He's a guy that you don't have to worry about. He's going to go out there and compete at a high level. He's somebody that the offensive line for the other team has to account for. His leadership and just having him out there is great.

The secondary was banged up, but the guys that got out there did a great job. Keith Lewis was playing well. Ben Emanuel played well. They all did a good job, flying around. They had some good receivers, and our guys did a good job matching up.

I think getting the young guys in there now will pay dividends in the future. Experience is the best teacher. Any time you can get out there and get some game time, that's always going to help someone's career more than anything. With those guys building experience this season, and then having an offseason to think about it, it will help them be a lot better going into next year.

Christmas is coming up, and I'm looking forward to it. My in-laws are coming up, so we're going to have a full apartment. My daughter isn't old enough to really get excited, but my son is almost four, so he's really excited. We sat down with him and helped him make his list for Santa Claus. We're going to have a great holiday, and I wish the best to all of our 49ers fans too!

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