Smith's 50 on 50: Cowboys


It was a shame to let a game like that get away when we had the contest won. The biggest thing we are struggling with right now is communication and getting everyone on the same page. Throughout the game we improved in so many areas, but the one thing I want to stress on is communication. Once we get that down, we are going to be tough to beat.

We played good solid defense on Julius Jones. We played our technique and came up and hit people square. Everyone did that, the linemen, the linebackers and the secondary. We had good support in the run game.

It was a tale of two halves with the turnovers. We were able to force them in the first half and they responded in the second half. They were crucial turnovers we caused in the first half. Tony's interception return for a touchdown was big. Anytime you can score on defense it will definitely hurt the offense. You always want to be on the good side of the ratio. We have to be more consistent as a defense.

Drew Bledsoe is a great quarterback that can hurt you if you give him enough time. He is a true pocket passer. We gave him too much time on a couple of plays and he exploited the weakness.

We have to learn from this game and get ready for the Cardinals in Mexico City. It will be in Mexico, but we have to look at as just another game. Their will be a lot of hoopla surrounding it, but we have to focus like it is a regular game. It is a key division match up and we have to concentrate and play our best.

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