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Singletary's Notebook: Sept. 6



On how much preparation has gone into facing Seattle up to this point:**"There's been a significant amount of preparation due to the fact that you have a new coach, you have a new offense, personnel changes, things like that. So, as best we could have tried to put pieces together and we're still continuing to do that." 

On whether it is more difficult to prepare when the other team has had so much turnover with their players and personnel:"I think the thing for us is it is what it is. You just have to put in the time and look at the film. You still don't know who's going to be where, but that's why I think it's really important for us to make sure that on our part of it that we really remember that it is about us. We have to remember that we have our technique and we read our keys and we have to be on our game."

On how WR Kevin Jurovich earned a spot on the practice squad:"He just is a hard working kid, and everything he did, he had a great effort. I thought he was a very detailed young man, very conscientious about what he was doing, taking notes, asking the right questions. So I thought he showed he had something. And the other thing he returned kickoffs and he had a chance to do that in a game and I thought he did a good job, he made good decisions, so I just thought it would be nice to see where he can go from here."

On having the phrase 'playoffs or bust' attached to the team for the past nine months and his thoughts on that and whether that is an accurate expectation for the team:"You know what, the only thing I'm thinking about right now is Seattle. Anything beyond that, we don't even need to talk about. The only thing I'm thinking about is Seattle."

On who will be the punt returner against Seattle:"I don't know, it could be a couple of people. Right now we just have to get through the week and some of the alternatives that you've seen already, we'll just see what's best for this game."

On who he will turn to to fill the veteran role with the loss of RB Michael Robinson:"I think there are a number of guys that coach is going to look at and we'll see what [Special Teams Coach] Kurt Schottenheimer feels most comfortable with."

On whether there will be special preparation for the two rookie offensive linemen and the noise that they will face in Seattle:"Well as best we can in the noise that we provide out here, that's about as close as we can come to it. We can't create the noise that they will have. I think it's really important for us to make sure that we go up there with the thought process in mind to make sure we keep it simple and make sure we can execute the plays that we go there with, and I think we'll be OK."

On whether they will have to experience that once before they really get a feel for what that is all about:"I think once you get there, hopefully you can get used to it at that moment and just go from there. But I really think its just important for us to really make sure that the things that we do, that we continue to do there and not try and add too much where we just really thin ourselves out, we don't really need to do that." 

On how far T Anthony Davis and G Mike Iupati have come since you acquired them and whether or not they are ready:"They better be, they better be. I think they've done a great job. I think they've continued to work their tails off. I think the combination of [Offensive Line Coach] Mike Solari and [Assistant Offensive Line Coach] Ray Brown, that's been a great combination and I think both young men are impressive in their own right. Mike Iupati definitely has a tremendous mind-set. Davis started out a little bit behind for a number of reasons, he's 20 years old, but has continued to make great strides, and I'm really excited that we have both of them. But now is not the time to ask if they're ready, 'it's on now'."

On CB Tramaine Brock and CB Phillip Adams and how they earned a roster spot:"I think they showed the initiative in meetings first of all. Both of those kids, they don't talk a whole lot and when they did, it was asking a question. They came in, they had a plan, they had a vision of making this team and they came out here on the field, they knew what they were doing and it wasn't too big for them. They competed, and I think that's the number one thing. Anything that they did they competed, and I think that's what's very important for us as a team. That's got to be the common denominator of every player that we have, they've got to compete. So I think first and foremost that's it, that's what they did." 

On whether there is any concern over the lack of experience with the secondary due to key losses like CB Will James:"You would always like to have experience at that position. The two positions that are the most critical on any team are the offensive line and the defensive back, and those are the two positions right now that we have a lot of youth at, but that's OK. I think it shows the depth of our coaches. It shows that their teammates will do a good job in continuing to help as much as they can, but as long as the young guys are willing to put in the time, I think we'll be OK." 

On where things stand as far as getting another inside linebacker:"You know what, the thing that we're not going to do is get a guy, put in a body. If we have an emergency situation, Ahmad Brooks can step in. I don't want to just go get a body and bring him in and put him on our team. We find a guy, then we'll bring him in, if we don't, then we'll just keep going with what we have." 

On whether that means Brooks will practice this week:"Well, that's a day to day situation, we'll see."

On whether he will practice today:"Probably not." 

On whether WR Kyle Williams will practice this week:"Probably not." 

On whether the team is behind schedule as far as the punt returner goes and whether or not it is a concern that they don't know who it is with only 6 days left until the season opener:"The fact that we don't know who the punt returner is does not mean that we don't have them. I think last year we didn't have a punt returner consistently. This year I think we have two or three. It's just a matter of who it's going to be. So that's what that is." 

On whether he would consider S Reggie Smith one of those two or three punt returners:"Um, maybe." 

On whether LB NaVorro Bowman could come in and play 'Ted':"He could, but right now it's unlikely, but he could. The thing that we want to do with NaVorro Bowman is to make sure that he understands 'Ted', and hopefully in that type of situation, you bring in one of the other guys to fill in at the 'Mike'. Not that that's an easy task, but at that time you're almost forced that you have to go do something, but right now with the guys that we have, we're going to go with it until there is one that we like."

On a week one scenario if Willis has to leave the game and whether LB Takeo Spikes would move over and play 'Mike' and Bowman will play 'Ted':"Don't know what the scenario would be right now. Hopefully we're not talking about this week." 

On how much Mike Robinson getting signed by Seattle complicated things for the 49ers on offense as far as changing up signals and signs:"We're going to play our game. That's what we're going to do. We're going to go there and we're going to play our football game. We're not going to try and change things and worry about what someone knows and what we might say that might be wrong, we're going to play the football game. Anything else will have to take care of itself." 

On when he expects Will James to get back on the field:"Don't know, that's a day to day thing." 

On how much of influence Head Coach Pete Carroll had on him:"I spent a decent amount of time with him. I think the most important thing that Pete Carroll did for me was really allowed me to go there and sit in on meetings and really get an understanding of a top flight program in college football. He let me come to the practices and let me have exposure to the coaches, so I will always be thankful for him allowing me to do that because not many coaches would, but he did. He had a lot of influence early on, he had a lot of influence."

On what the timing of that was, whether it was before he was with the 49ers:"It was when I was here, it was also when I was at when I was at Baltimore. There was about 3 or 4 times that I visited him, and each time that we made contact, he was always very open and very kind."

On what made him seek him out:"It was the best program in the country. To me leadership is leadership and I wanted to see how he built the program. Even though it's a bit different at that time, early on I didn't know if I would be going to college as well, because I had had some conversations with Baylor, so I wanted to look at the program that he had built there, and if in fact I did end up going to college, then I needed to make sure that I had some point of reference." 

On what he thought made him so successful:"Well I think if you look at the draft, you can begin to look at his recruiting. The ability to recruit at the level that he did, that was the thing that he talked about often, and a tremendous recruiter, and I think that was the difference."

On what are the biggest question marks with this team heading into the regular season:"I think the biggest question mark that we would have as a team, really the biggest question mark that I would have is as a team with the talent that we have, are we ready to go and I guess play to the level that we are capable of playing at. That's a good question. A question that I believe the answer is yes, but after the first game, after the first few games, I will know whether it's an emphatic yes."

On whether there is any concern about rust when they get back to work on Wednesday after having the past few days off and what the mindset is going forward this week:"I think with the training camp that we had, the most important thing is that the hay is in the barn, that the work has been put in. In terms of rust and whatever, it's a matter of recall and that's getting out here and getting back to work on Wednesday. Until then, the film, the walk troughs, those things, that's the thing that's important that we do. But I think we're mature enough to do the things that we have to do to get those things done and get ready for September the 12th."

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