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Singletary's Notebook: Sept.23



On whether RB Frank Gore will practice:**

"I know he went through walk-thru. I'll have to talk to him, see how he felt going through it. It seemed like he is OK. If he does practice, it will be very, very limited. So, we'll just see how it goes."

On WR Brandon Jones' status:
"It's a day-to-day thing. We'll see how he feels. We've got to see what [offensive coordinator] Jimmy Raye feels that he needs for our offensive package this week going into it. So, it will be a day-to-day thing."

On RB Adrian Peterson:
"Great running back. It is a tremendous opportunity for us defensively to see where we are. They've got big guys in front of him that come off, they open lanes, they do a good job. He's a guy that you have to contain him every play. We've got our hands full, and like I said, it's a tremendous opportunity for us."

On what makes Peterson good:
"He can change direction so well. It's very rare that you're going to find that kind of size and speed and determination at the same time with great feet. His ability to step right here and go in another direction at full speed, it makes him very exceptional."

On whether RB Joe Staley is especially motivated for this game:
"I think Pat, week in and week out, he's the same guy. He's going to give everything he has. Maybe this week in playing a guy like Adrian Peterson, you have that extra inside of you. But, knowing Pat, I just think he's the same guy every week. The biggest thing for him is to have a great week's work, which he will and our entire defense, and for Pat to make sure that everybody is on the same page because to stop Adrian Peterson, it's not about one guy. It's about everybody doing their job, and that's what it's going to take."

On whether there are any special keys to tackling a guy like Adrian Peterson:
"No. You've just got to tackle him. I talked about that this morning. Last week we missed way too many tackles. It's just a matter of continuing to really hone in on the details of what we need to do and getting low on a guy like that and wrapping up and tackling."

On what areas the team needs to improve on:
"Offensively, I just think the communication factor. We've got a new coordinator. I think continuing to take that offense and take ownership of that offense, starting with [QB] Shaun Hill and having it trickle down to the offensive line, the wide outs – just the timing, the trust  all of those little things that it takes to have a great offense. So, I think, on offense, more than anything, it's the timing and the actual concepts and having the comfort level to know that, you know what? We can do this. We can adjust. We can do all the little things to make this offense better at this particular moment. On the defensive side, just continue to work on the details, continuing to do a better job getting to the quarterback, continuing on the back-end to communicate across the board, making sure that everybody is on the same page back there. I think that's where we are. Special teams, [KR] Allen Rossum just settling down a bit, settling in, getting the ball and hitting it and our guys getting the blocks and giving him a chance to run."

On how the tackling has been this season:
"Tackling has been OK. Not where it needs to be, but it's OK. It's just OK right now."

On the biggest change since he was here last season:
"I think getting everybody on the same page and having everybody understand that this is the goal, this is our identity. This is our formula. This is where I fit in that formula. If we can do this, then we're going to have a good result. I think everybody understanding it from the top down, understanding what the identity is, what the formula is, what my job is, how do I fit into that and going forward with that."

On whether he has noticed a change of culture since he's taken over as head coach:
"I think it's a mixture of a couple of things. I think, No. 1, I think some guys are growing up. I think some guys realize that they really can take it to another level. I think guys realize that if we work together and we stay together and we work hard and we study, we do all of those things, we have a chance to be special as a team. So, I think guys not only hear that, but I think they believe that and buy into that."

On whether seeing how Arizona and Seattle stacked eight men in the box helps to prepare him for Adrian Peterson:
"No, not really. Adrian Peterson is a different guy. It's just as if someone is preparing for Frank. You just came off the field and prepared for a different running back, I don't care who it is, each running back and each offensive line poses problems. Some running backs are more patient. Some running backs really, really pay attention to their offensive line. Some running backs follow their fullback. It's any number of things. Each and every week it's different, and for us, it's really breaking down the film with Minnesota and trying to find the edge to stopping Adrian Peterson."

On whether he's talking about more than one guy and scheming angles and containment to stop Adrian Peterson:
"Absolutely. I think you talk about Patrick Willis and what does he have to do. I think it's very important. Everything starts in the trenches. If those guys do their job, then it gives Pat the opportunity to do his job, as well as the guys on the back-end. Everybody has a place. Everybody has a place that fits. Somebody has the cutbacks. Somebody has to set the edge. So, everybody has a responsibility, and it's vitally important that everybody does their job and we have a chance to be successful."

On whether he played against QB Brett Favre:
"Yes I did."

On his experience playing Favre:
"My experience was – he was a guy who I've always been a huge fan of his because he's always been a gunslinger type guy, no fear. He's going to go out there and he's going to throw the ball around. I think they talked to him a bit and kind of honed him in. He's a seasoned guy and he has a ton of experience and credibility that he brings to that offense. I think he makes everybody else better. He makes the receivers better and he makes the o-line better because he understands it. It's a tremendous asset for them."

On whether this game will be a measuring stick for seeing the 49ers identity:
"I think each game gives us an opportunity to understand where we are. I think the biggest thing for us to remember going forward is as we continue to get better as a team, at some point in time, it has to become less about the team that we're playing and more about the team we're becoming. We have to make sure that we focus and do our homework, we're prepared and that everybody knows exactly what they're doing. And, as we understand what we're doing, then it gives us more confidence going forward – I don't care who we're playing. That's the most important thing for us to do."

On blocking Minnesota's two interior defensive tackles:
"Got to block them."

On whether it comes down to scheme:
"We've just got to do a better job of blocking. I mean, those guys – wow. They're huge, and they're athletes. I think, for us, we have, again, a wonderful opportunity for our offensive line. If we want to be a great offensive line, we've got to find a way to block them. I think, going forward, our offensive line made nice strides last week. OK, here we go again against another really good defensive line – maybe, some call it the better or best defensive line in the league. If that's the case, let's see how we are, how we stack up offensively and our line. After the game, we'll see."

On whether quarterback sacks are becoming a concern:
"Certainly, you don't want your quarterback getting hit that many times, but I think [QB] Shaun [Hill] definitely made the right assessment. Some of it is him, and that's one of the things I talked about earlier in the trust factor and knowing exactly where that offensive line is going to be and knowing exactly where to step in that pocket. How much cushion do you have? Do I step up here, or do I step back? Am I behind [LT Joe] Staley? It's just really important, all those little things that we have to do in order to become much more effective as an offense."

On New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan's comments:
"I think it's outstanding. I love that. That's Rex Ryan. I love Rex Ryan as well. Maybe, at some point in time we will play. But, for right now, we're thinking about Minnesota and we've got to get prepared for them. And, who knows? Maybe we'll see Rex somewhere along the line."

On how the team is preparing for crowd noise this week:
"Well, [offensive coordinator] Jimmy [Raye] wanted to bring the noise boxes out instead of the ear plugs. I feel like this: You're either prepared or you're not. You can use the ear plugs. You can use cotton, whatever you think you need. But, the most important thing is that you're prepared for the game. You go out there and you play. That's really all it comes down to."

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